10 Starlink satellites will be connected to each other with laser technology in polar orbit

10 Starlink satellites will be connected to each other with laser technology in polar orbit

SpaceX has launched ten Starlink satellites that communicate via laser technology to provide Internet access in remote and polar regions such as Alaska and to minimize the need for ground stations.

According to Ilan Musk, new satellites no longer need ground stations to communicate and are therefore a good choice for inaccessible areas such as poles. SpaceX plans to launch all Starlinks satellites with laser communication technology from next year Throw into space.

The Starlink project was originally designed by Ilan Mask to provide high-speed, satellite Internet. In the Starlink project, sending a satellite into Earth orbit creates a huge network that can make the Internet accessible to all the inhabitants of the earth.

Following the approval of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), SpaceX launched ten satellites into orbit on February 26. These satellites are among the first Starlink operational satellites. Ilan Mask has shared this news by publishing various tweets. He announced in one of his tweets:

“All the satellites that will be launched next year will use laser communication technology. “Of course, the satellites that were placed in the Earth’s polar orbit this year are also equipped with version 0.9 of laser communication technology.”

In another tweet about satellites launched to provide Internet service in Alaska, Ilan Musk said:

“The new satellites are equipped with inter-satellite laser communication technology and therefore no longer need a ground station in the polar regions.”

People living in Alaska can use Starlink laser technology satellites and easily access the Internet. SpaceX has long been able to access its satellite internet at a remarkable speed in some parts of the United States and Canada.

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