$ 100 million in damages for an accident with an Amazon truck

درخواست غرامت 100 میلیون دلاری بخاطر تصادف با خودروی حمل بار آمازون

A man who lost one of his legs in an accident with an Amazon truck now complains to the tech giant and wants to receive $ 100 million in compensation Has been. He says Amazon is putting pressure on its drivers, and that is what causes such accidents.

Justin Hartley was riding a motorcycle in October 2021 when he crashed into an Amazon Hertz pickup truck off the coast of Virginia. Based on File informationThe severity of his physical injuries was so great that doctors had to Amputation of his left leg Were. Hartley is now suing Amazon for $ 100 million in damages.

He says Amazon is responsible because its forces are under Pressure And these pressures cause people to not be careful enough while driving. The driver who crashed into Hartley is Christopher Gill. He told police after the accident that he was checking the streets while driving Amazon Routing System have been.

Amazon should not put pressure on drivers

Kevin Bazan of Breit Biniazan Law Firm, which represents Hartley, says the pressures Amazon puts on drivers have made Gale pay more attention to the GPS system than to the road, and the crash could happen. He claims that the accident was easily preventable.

According to case information, the company’s drivers must be called from an app Flex Use that shows the direction of movement of the car. The program also records the time of use of the bathroom and lunch break. If drivers fall behind in app planning, Amazon tells them they need to make up for the delay, otherwise Their wages Significantly decreases.

This case claims that the largest online store in the world has a delivery schedule unreal Adjusts. As a result, violating traffic rules becomes inevitable for drivers. Hartley says the physical injury prevented him from performing his daily activities.

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