11 Misconceptions about time management that hurt your productivity

11 Misconceptions about time management that hurt your productivity

Experts and senior executives believe that time management is one of the most important issues that contributes to greater productivity in business and personal life. However, there are points in time management that can have a negative impact and, conversely, backfire.

Making daily checklists and prioritizing tasks ‌ Allocating the right time to each task can have positive results, but you should be careful not to fall into the trap of these 11 time management myths that will backfire:

1- Better time management means better management of tasks

Some people think that everything is over if they schedule and prioritize the tasks in their to-do list properly. However, to experience proper time management, we need to push the boundaries of work well and consciously choose what we want to focus our energy on. To experience better time management, we need to make the right choice of energy and time resources on topics.

2- Planning to do the hardest tasks regardless of energy level

Some focus only on time management and do not pay attention to their rhythms and energy levels and think that according to a management rule, they must first go to hard work. However, in some cases, it is not possible to do some things physically and mentally. When our energy levels are low, we certainly can not do the hard and complex work that requires a lot of energy. In time management, other aspects such as energy level and mental and physical ability of people should also be considered.

3- There is always enough time to do priorities

Prioritizing tasks and addressing priorities is important. But sometimes we do not spend enough time on priorities and because of this we suffer from severe stress. It is very important to do things in a relaxed environment.

4- Multitasking makes you do more work

One of the misconceptions in time management is multitasking, which some people think can be achieved with a variety of parallel multitasking. In time management, alertness and concentration are especially important.

5- Doing more work without considering the physical and mental conditions

If you do a thousand things but put pressure on your body, soul and mind, this is not called time management. Time management means being able to do more things at a better time without hurting ourselves to experience a happier and more successful life.

6- Not having enough time to do different things

Some people always complain about not having time for different tasks. Take time each day to invest in yourself and see where the story stands and where you are heading. It is wrong to fill all the hours of the day with different tasks and not have enough time to think about the path of work.

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7- Careful planning for each The day leads to better time management

One of the biggest areas of time management is to define a consistent structure for your day-to-day schedules and not go outside the box. You need to try different methods and optimal solutions in daily planning and choose the best one.

8- Time management requires having a detailed work checklist

Making a detailed to-do list is also one of the areas of time management. Although it is important to make a to-do list, it is even more important that the work is done in accordance with the goals and strategies. Spend 15 minutes every night for the next day’s schedule, but make dynamic plans and do not have a hard time.

9- To better manage time, ‌ Plan every day

If you just stick to your daily routine, long-term goals will be forgotten. When we focus only on daily planning, we practically do not consider time for future plans.

10. Spend all your time working

Time management courses tell you not to talk on the phone, do not reply to emails, and focus on one task to be productive. You may need to set aside time for all of these. You can achieve all these things by allocating a short amount of time each day.

11. Manage your time

We can not manage time, but we can manage our energy and be more productive. Take a deep breath and devote your energy to different subjects according to your needs.

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