1402 budget report; Necessary exemption for internet businesses on native platforms

1402 budget report;  Necessary exemption for internet businesses on native platforms

According to the budget bill of 1402, the rate of reputable companies in providing internet services will be determined by the Economic Council, and the tax on internet businesses in native platforms will also be removed.

In the session of the Islamic Council on Saturday, the representatives of the Islamic Council discussed the issues related to the expenditure sections of the next year’s budget and then agreed to paragraphs “f”, “g” and “i” of Note 6. In paragraph “f” of note 6, the issue of the rate of reliable companies in providing internet services is specified. Therefore, an amount equal to one thousandth of taxes and value added duties collected through the taxpayer system is deposited to the income line number 110519. This amount is spent solely to pay the fees and tariffs of trusted companies to provide services used by the Tax Administration.

Conditional exemption for internet businesses of natural persons on native platforms

On the other hand, with the agreement of the members of the parliament with paragraph “g” of note 6, all banks, financial institutions, Qarz Al-Hasna funds, municipalities, Rahor Naja police and the country’s property and documents registration organization have the duty, by the end of May at the latest, by setting up a system, information about Provide the request of the country’s tax affairs organization for the year 1402 and previous years to this organization. In case there is a violation by the authorities and responsible authorities in the implementation of the said ruling, they will be subject to the exclusion of Article (202) of the Direct Taxes Law.

Internet businesses on native platforms

The approval of the members of the parliament with paragraph “i” will make the income of real people’s internet businesses approved in local and domestic platforms, and they will not be subject to paying any taxes for the next year. Clause “i” of the sixth note is proposed in order to support the development of the digital economy in the country and encourage internet businesses. This proposal was jointly added by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance in the next year’s budget. The Executive Regulations of this project will be approved by the Council of Ministers within two months after its entry into force.

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