14th generation Intel processors will likely be produced with TSMC 5nm lithography

پردازنده‌های نسل چهاردهم اینتل احتمالا با لیتوگرافی 5 نانومتری TSMC تولید می‌شوند

Industrial sources explain that Intel It may make major changes to the architecture of Meteor Lake or fourteenth-generation Core chips, and to build them from lithography. 5nm TSMC Take advantage. It is said that this change could make the American manufacturer superior to competitors such as Apple Be.

As Digitimes Intel may abandon its 7-nanometer process for its 14th-generation processors and use the company’s 5-nanometer lithography, explains in new report TSMC use.

Meteor Lake is the fourteenth generation of Intel processors to be launched this year 2023 And launched after Raptor Lake. They will also be the first generation of Intel chips to feature a multi-chip design that combines a processor, a GPU and connectivity chips into an advanced set called Intel Foveros.

Earlier reports said the company was developing new chips using its 7-nanometer process.Intel 4” is named. According to Pat Glesinger, Intel CEO, the production of these processors has progressed well and they have been able to run Windows and Linux so far.

Superiority of TSMC lithography over Intel

Despite this confidence in Intel 4, a new report now states that the company intends to use the 5-nanometer TSMC process. Previously, the 5-nanometer process was supposed to be used to build an integrated graphics card, but now it may be used to produce the entire Meteor Lake chip.


The use of the 5-nanometer TSMC node is sure to greatly enhance the performance of Intel chips and ultimately the user experience. On the other hand, customers’ access to new processors is provided at affordable prices.

It is noteworthy that the 5-nanometer TSMC process has been used to produce other chips similar to Meteor Lake. Successful chips like series M1 Apple And the M1 Ultra found at Mac Studio are all based on this lithography. Nevertheless, Intel could compete more seriously with Apple in the processor market in the future.

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