156% growth in sales of old panels larger than 10 inches in the first quarter of 2021

رشد ۱۵۶ درصدی فروش پنل‌های اولد بزرگتر از ۱۰ اینچ در فصل اول ۲۰۲۱

Statistics from the UBI Research Institute show that the global market for old panels, especially medium to large panels, has seen a significant increase in demand during the first quarter of this year, with sales increasing by about 156% over the same period last year. has found.

Medium and large old panels are used for TVs, monitors, notebooks and tablets. The smallest size of these panels are generally 10-inch models are According to research, sales in this sector were about $ 1.45 billion, an increase of 17% over the fourth quarter of 2020. Sales growth of these panels shows an increase of about 156% compared to the same period last year.

Old notebook and TV panels have had a huge impact on this growth, with TV-related panels available in the first quarter of this year at about 1.6 million units. The supply of old notebook panels was about 1.1 units, with these statistics, TV panels accounted for about 82% of total sales.

Old panels

Older panels smaller than 10 inches also increased in South Korea during the first quarter. About 140 million units of these panels were sold in the quarter, showing a growth of 32.4%, although a significant decrease from the previous quarter. Uses of these panels are mobile phones, smartwatches and other smaller devices.

Old panels

According to the data provided by this research institute, Samsung, thanks to its display manufacturer, “Samsung Display”, accounts for 79% of the supply of small panels and is the main supplier of OLED panels. Al-Oji is in second place with 11% of shipments.

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