16% drop in car sales in China due to chip shortages

کاهش 16 درصدی فروش خودرو در چین بخاطر کمبود تراشه

Chip shortages have become a major problem for automakers in recent months, and some have even been forced to shut down their production lines for a while. Now this problem has manifested itself in another way in the sales statistics of new models in China. According to the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, nearly 1.93 million cars and trucks were delivered to customers in the country in June, down 16 percent from June 2020.

Demand for light vehicles – including sedans, crossovers, chassis, vans and minibuses – fell 15 percent in June, according to the China Automobile Manufacturers Association. Sales of commercial vehicles – including buses and trucks – also fell 21 percent this month.

Meanwhile, automakers have also reported a decline in sales. Honda, for example, sold 118,168 units of its products in June this year, down 17 percent. Nissan also reported a 16 percent drop in sales of 114,605 ​​vehicles.

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Interestingly, the new car market in China had signals of a return to normalcy during the first quarter of this year. During this period, car sales increased by 77% compared to the same period last year, which was the peak period of Corona, which is a significant figure.

With the exception of June, car sales in China fell 3.1 percent in May. The decline came after 14 months of growth, showing how serious the problem of chip shortages is and how it could affect automakers around the world.

A few days ago, the German company Bamoo announced that it is in a critical situation due to the lack of chips and some of its production lines are now closed.

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