16 pin ATX 3.0 cable melting while connecting to RTX 4090

16 pin ATX 3.0 cable melting while connecting to RTX 4090

The GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, as the latest graphics card of the green team, is also the most powerful and the most powerful and the largest graphics card of this company. But since its launch, the very high energy consumption of this graphics card has caused many problems for it, and reports have been published that the power input of this card and the cable connected to it have melted due to the passage of high current. Recently on Reddit A new post has been published According to that, the native ATX 3.0 cable whose port is 12VHPWR type also melts when connected to the RTX 4090 graphics card.

The ATX 3.0 cable does not support the RTX 4090 graphics card

So far, there have been several reports of the 16-pin port melting and permanently damaging it – both on the cable and on the card. Nvidia is following up on this issue and has informed its board partners to return the damaged cards to this company. In fact, in addition to its reference design, Nvidia wants to check the custom designs of other companies so that this problem can be solved as quickly as possible.

Some time ago on the Facebook site, a user published a picture of his MSI RTX 4090 GamingX Trio 24G graphics card connected to the MSI MEG AI1300P power supply. Aware of the problems with the 16-pin port and its possible melting, this user decides to use an ATX 3.0 power cable to connect to the 12VHPWR port so that there are no problems with using the adapter, but even the 16-pin ATX 3.0 cable when supplying power RTX 4090 graphics card melted.

16 pin ATX 30 cable melting while connecting to RTX.webp 16 pin ATX 3.0 cable melting while connecting to RTX 4090 2

The published images show that not only the port and its pins have melted, but the cable itself has also suffered a lot of damage and was about to be connected. MSI has received this user’s graphics card and power supply under warranty to investigate the cause of this – is it the graphics card, the cable, or the power supply?

Issues related to the 16-pin port have created many concerns about the RTX 4090 graphics card, and the number of cases of this port melting continues to increase day by day without any solution. This is what worries the buyers of this graphics card more than anything else – their $1,600 graphics card may be completely destroyed.

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