2 second search engine is a way to buy better and sell more

موتور جستجوی 2 ثانیه راهی برای خرید بهتر و فروش بیشتر

Today, with the corona epidemic, online shopping has become a necessity. But buying from online stores also has its problems. One of the challenges of online shopping is the difficulty and time consuming comparison of the prices of millions of goods across thousands of online stores. But the good news is that a 2-second product search engine solves this problem easily and provides you with a fast and cost-effective online shopping experience.

Search engine history 2 seconds

Saman Company or Saman Information and Communication Structures Complex was established in 2011. In order to improve the efficiency of information technology in institutions and organizations with a knowledge-based and customer-oriented perspective, the company provides consulting services and implementation of engineering projects in the field of information technology.

Production of specialized software, implementation of software projects commissioned by the customer and consulting in the field of information technology in various jobs and industries, especially the application of information technology in financial sectors, organizations and large offices, are among the goals of the company and over a decade His activity has been able to take effective steps in this field.

One of the initiatives of Saman Information and Communication Structures Complex is the 2-second product search engine project, which has been able to create an easy, cheap and safe shopping experience for users, provide a wider introduction of goods and increase sales and earn more profit for online stores. .

What is a 2 second search engine and why did it come into being?

What do you do when it comes to buying a product like a mobile phone online? Most people search for relevant keywords (like mobile phone, best mobile phone, new phone) in Google search engine. By doing this, you will encounter thousands of online stores and millions of products, and you will usually start looking at the first options.

If you have had such an experience, you know how time-consuming and tedious it is, and one is even confused which store is better and safer now, has a better warranty, and is more affordable than the rest? Since you can not check all the stores, you are always hesitant after the purchase whether you have the best and most economical purchase or not? This is where the need for solutions to these problems comes into play.

2 seconds It is a dedicated product search engine that allows you to compare the price of your desired product among millions of products and thousands of online stores in the shortest time, and in the competitive environment between stores, buy your desired product at the lowest price.

How does a 2 second website work?

As you can see in the image below, a 2 second site looks like a simple website with only one search bar in the middle.

But over time, we find that different categories of products range from digital goods to cosmetics, health and health to fashion and clothing, automobiles, office supplies, home and kitchen, books, stationery and art, and baby and toddler toys. It is found that each of these categories has its own subcategories.

At the top left is a “Register Store” button. At the bottom are the buttons for the list of stores, the panel of stores and other necessary information.

Compare price and product in 2 seconds

Now to compare the price, you are either looking for a specific product or you want to do a general review of a type of product.

First of all, suppose I am going to buy a Samsung mobile phone. Type it in the search bar and click the search button. As you can see in the figure below, 2000 related products are displayed in 2 seconds. Below each product, its general specifications are explained and it is specified that it is available in several stores.

Now I click on one of the phones. As shown in the image below, at the top right of the screen, the photo and specifications of the phone are displayed.

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What is interesting is the chart on the left that shows the changes of the most and the lowest price of this product. The information in this chart is valuable despite its generality because it shows you the trend of price changes. For example, in this chart, the minimum price is decreasing. So you may want to wait a while until the price drops and you buy it for less.

But at the bottom of the page, the stores are listed from the cheapest price down. A list that helps you to compare and review the price of your desired product from different stores at a glance and buy it at the most appropriate price.

In the second case, that is, if you do not have a specific phone brand in mind, you can take the cursor on the digital product and select the mobile subcategory from among the available brands, such as the previous method, to review the specifications and compare the price of the product in existing online stores.

Increase online store sales and revenue in 2 seconds

If you are an online business owner, a 2 second product search engine allows you to introduce your product to a wide range of customers and grow your business in a competitive environment.

As a salesperson, you must first register your store on the website in 2 seconds. This is done in 5 steps:

Step 1: Register through the form and receive the tracking code

Step 2: Review and Response (up to 48 hours)

Step 3: Recharge the account (amount of at least 200,000 Tomans and receive a gift of 200,000 Tomans)

Step 4: Get information (get information about store products and categorize them in 2 seconds)

Step 5: Show products on the site for 2 seconds

In this way, your store is easily registered so that users can enjoy the competitive advantage of your store by comparing price and product in 2 seconds, and as a result, earn more profit.

Advantages of registering a store in 2 seconds

Visit increase: By registering your online store on the website in 2 seconds, your store visitors will increase. So you introduce your online store to thousands of visitors for 2 seconds for a small amount of money and increase your site traffic. Increasing traffic will naturally increase sales and thus increase your revenue.

Increase store credibility: Since only online stores with an electronic trust mark can be registered on the website for 2 seconds, the registered stores are all valid and approved by the relevant institutions. This rating earns customers’ trust and confidence in the credibility of your store.

On the other hand, by registering a store in 2 seconds, you will be next to the most famous brands of Iran online store such as Digi Kala, which will automatically lead to improving the credibility of your store. Gaining more credit means gaining more customer trust and thus more sales and profits.

No need for technical knowledge: You do not need any technical knowledge to register your store on the search engine site for 2 seconds, and this can be done with just a few clicks and simply and easily.

sales increase: By registering your store on the website for 2 seconds, the possibility of your products being seen has multiplied and as a result, your sales will increase significantly compared to before.

Grow faster than Google: By registering your store in 2 seconds at a much lower cost than you have to spend on advertising on Google, you will experience faster growth. In 2 seconds, unlike Google, which shows you in public, your store will be directly visible to customers. In this case, you go directly to the target customers and with this shortcut, you greatly accelerate the process of converting visitors into customers.

Support: One of the advantages of registering a store in 2 seconds is the possibility of using 24-hour advice and support, which helps you to develop and grow your business by solving any problem in the process of displaying your products on the site in 2 seconds.

2 seconds to buy better and earn more

As a buyer, you enjoy the benefits of comparing prices and products for 2 seconds at no cost. By spending much less time than Google search, you can find the right product and price, thus saving both time and money on the purchase.

As a seller, by registering a store on the site for 2 seconds, you will be next to reputable sites, which will also increase your credibility. You will be seen by thousands of potential customers and your store site traffic will increase which in itself will lead to increased sales and as a result earn more revenue and profit.

So, both as a customer and as a seller, do not miss the opportunity by visiting Search engine for goods and services 2 seconds Enjoy its benefits.

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