20% performance improvement of Apple M2 Max in the multi-core benchmark compared to the previous generation

20% performance improvement of Apple M2 Max in the multi-core benchmark compared to the previous generation

In the latest news, the latest Benchmark Apple’s new 12-core M2 Max processor has been released and shows that the new version has experienced up to 20% performance improvement over the previous model, the M1 Max. The Apple M2 Max processor is going to be available in the next generation of MacBooks of this company, and Apple tried to provide improved performance per core and watt compared to the previous model with the new generation.

This CPU will also be produced for Apple’s high-end products like the previous models, but it won’t be the company’s best CPU, as that slot will belong to the M2 Ultra, which is scheduled to launch in late 2023. According to the new information, it seems that Apple’s new CPU will support a total of 12 cores, which is an increase of 2 more cores than the previous model.

10% performance increase in single-core processing compared to M1 Max

However, it is still not possible to say for sure what the configuration of performance cores and E-core will be. This CPU is available with a base processing frequency of 3.54 GHz and is equipped with 4 MB of L2 cache memory. In the leaked benchmark of Apple M2 Max, it is also revealed that there is 96 GB of RAM in the Apple Mac device, and the maximum clock speed of 3.7 GHz is also reported as the peak performance.

When it comes to performance, the Apple M2 Max processor scored 1889 points in the single-core test and 14586 points in the multi-core test. To compare with the previous generation, it should be said that the score of M1 Max in the single-core test was close to 1750, while the multi-core score of this processor was reported to be 12,200.

Benchmark Apple M2 Max

This comparison shows that the new generation processor brings up to 10% increase in single-threaded performance and up to 20% improvement in multi-threaded performance. Obviously, this disclosure is premature and the final versions of this chip may be able to perform better than this.

However, this processor loses by a significant margin when benchmarked against the Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake or the AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 in the same tests. Apple will most likely show off the numbers of its chip’s productivity cores, while the company will try to come closer to competing with the new generation processors from Intel and AMD by presenting the M2 Ultra.

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