2,000 horsepower for the Nissan Altima family model; Completely different projects in the world of tuning

2,000 horsepower for the Nissan Altima family model;  Completely different projects in the world of tuning

Hoonigan garage staff are no strangers to extreme tunics! They have invited Formula D champion Chris Forsberg to visit their garage and bring their tuned Nissan Ultima, which they use to drift. Called “Altimaniac” exclusively, this Altima has about 1,300 horsepower. But with the new tuning that has been applied to it, this power has been increased to 2,000 horsepower.

Before Forsberg put his hand on the car, it was a normal Altima and no different from other Altima. But Forsberg has his own team, and his professional team did a new tube chassis in the car room.

They sent many of the parts designed for production out of their collection and then, upon receiving the parts produced, assembled them together like pieces of Lego. As a result, Altimaniac was born. A car in which no sheet metal is used in its structure and only the remaining parts of the main Altima are the bumpers, hood and cabin of the car.


The car’s giant engine was developed with the help of the T1 Race Development team. The team that has already recorded the history of building the engine for the most powerful Nissan GT-R in the world in its record. They first delivered the R35 GT-R engine with the code VR38DETT and increased its volume from 3.8 liters to 4.1 liters. They also used reinforced aluminum ingots to redesign components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, main caps and belt loops.

Most importantly, they also installed a dry oil tank system and improved turbochargers. New turbochargers now boost to 35 psi as standard. As mentioned earlier, the total changes made have increased the power of the Altmaniac engine from 1,300 to more than 2,000 horsepower.


However, apparently this car is not yet qualified to participate in Formula D racing. Forsberg, meanwhile, did his best to bring the car to major car events. He even recently installed an extra front seat and two more seats for the rear passengers.

Finally, the Altimaniac may be a ridiculous sports car to many! But many, like us, enjoy it. Because for the first time, it was able to break the rules of the competition and be designed and built just for fun in the world of slot machines. With a little searching, you can see more videos and pictures of this monster on the web.

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