26% of handsets in the world in 2020 were sold online

۲۶ درصد گوشی‌ها در جهان در سال ۲۰۲۰ به‌صورت آنلاین فروخته شده‌اند

Last year, online sales of mobile phones worldwide increased by about 6% compared to 2019. The growth, which has been affected by the coronavirus epidemic, is likely to continue in emerging markets with a middle-aged population.

According to the research company «CounterpointOnline sales in the global mobile market in 2020 had a share of 26%. This means that one in four mobile phones sold last year was sold online. The Covid-19 epidemic had a significant impact on this. India, the United Kingdom and China accounted for the largest share of online sales, with 45%, 39% and 34% of their handsets sold online, respectively.

The share of online sales of phones in total has increased by about 6% compared to 2019. The volume of this market also increased by more than 10% compared to the same period last year. This trend was strong not only in developed markets such as the United States and Europe, but also in developing markets such as India and Latin America.

This trend intensified in China, the country that first saw the outbreak of the coronavirus, initially in the first six months of the year but calmed down in the second six months of the year. However, online market share in the US and India hit a record high in the second half of 2020.

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Counterpoint predicts that the trend of increasing online market share will probably slow down for a while, and this year we will have to wait for conditions like last year or even a little weaker. “After the rapid growth of the market in 2020, we expect to see more calm in 2021 after the corona vaccination,” said Sujung Lim, the company’s chief analyst. “However, the situation is expected to increase from 2022 onwards, thanks to the growth of the market in developing countries and the greater tendency of the middle-aged population to use IT and the Internet.”

“But in the case of India, which currently has the largest share of the online market, we may see a decline after 2022 due to the development of offline infrastructure, including department stores and multi-brands,” Lim added. “However, the future growth of online markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa will be significant.”

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