38% reduction in Mac malware detection by 2020

38% reduction in Mac malware detection by 2020

Antivirus developer Malwarebytes reports today on Mac malware 2020 Published Which indicates a 38% decrease in malware detection.

In 2019, Malwarebytes detected 120,855,305 threats, which in 2020 decreased by 38% to 75,285,427. However, due to telecommuting and doing things online, the identification of threats to businesses in 2020 compared to 2019 has grown by 31%.

Adware, unwanted software and malware (PUP) شناسایی detection rate decreased by 2020, however, according to Malwarebytes, the detection rate of other malware, including backdoor, data theft and cryptography extraction, increased by 61%.

Although we have a large number of malware, their share of Mac threats is only 1.5 percent, in which adware and unwanted programs account for a large share.

Unwanted programs, including cleaning software such as MacKeeper and MacBooster, as well as apps such as Mac Cleaner and Mac Adware Cleaner, account for more than 76 percent of all detections, and software ads account for 22 percent.

Most of these malware are related to the United States, and products used by businesses have encountered more malware and adware than unwanted programs.

In the malware detected for Mac, the top 10 families accounted for more than 99 percent and more than 80 percent were detected due to suspicious behavior. OSX.FakeFileOpener is the second most malicious app designed to open files.


According to Malwarebytes, the strangest malware discovered on the Mac in 2020 was “ThiefQuest”, which was installed on devices through torrent sites. After infecting a device, the files are encrypted and the malware displays ransom instructions.

Advanced ad-hoc techniques were also identified in 2020, which include phishing admin passwords and using artificial clicks to automatically install browser extensions.

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