40% of Android phones are at risk of infiltration and unauthorized access

۴۰ درصد موبایل‌های اندرویدی در معرض خطر نفوذپذیری و دسترسی غیرمجاز قرار دارند

Security Institute «CheckpointSays that the technology used in Qualcomm modems, which is used by about 40% of Android phones on the market made by Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and LG, has a serious vulnerability that could compromise the user information of Android mobile phone owners. Put unauthorized accessibility.

Security researchers at the institute they say This flaw in the Android operating system makes mobile phones potentially vulnerable so that attackers can control the mobile phone just by sending a text message. To be able to They can access user information such as text messages, call history, and even listen in on calls.

According to the review done This vulnerability has been present in Qualcomm Snapdragon modems since 1990 by the Checkpoint Security Institute, and last year the institute noticed it. Has been. The technology used in mobile phone modems with support for 4G LTE and 5G networks have the same vulnerability.

Accessing phone applications using Qualcomm Modem (QMI) software is normally impossible, but if other key features of an Android phone are hacked, the QMI vulnerability could be used to eavesdrop on a phone call and access short messages. About 40% of Android phones made by Google, Samsung, Xiaomi and LG use QMI modem software. For security reasons, Checkpoint did not disclose technical information about the vulnerability, but said it had not been attacked by hackers.

Checkpoint discovered the breach last year and has previously reported it to Qualcomm. Qualcomm appears to be investigating the issue and notifying smartphone makers. Since this vulnerability has been reported for the Android operating system, it is not yet clear what Google will do to fix it.

However, since most Android phones use Qualcomm 5G modems, the existence of such a major flaw seems a bit of a concern, and it is up to the manufacturers to report such bugs to consumers. However, Checkpoint for mobile phone security suggests that users always receive the latest operating system version updates and download the required applications only from reputable stores.

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