5 books that hide the best lessons of life in their hearts

۵ کتاب که بهترین درس های زندگی را در دل خود پنهان کرده‌اند

We humans are designed to adapt to the environment and to the psychological and physical stress we experience. Learning helps us to have conscious control over this process, and books can help us a lot in this regard. Currently, there are several books that can change your worldview and teach you life lessons. If you want to get acquainted with these books, stay tuned.

1- Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is a complete collection of life lessons. The main point of this book is to follow your dreams and pay more attention to the path than the destination. The Alchemist is the story of an Andalusian shepherd boy who is in search of hidden treasure and for this reason begins a journey to the pyramids of Egypt. When he arrives in the desert of Egypt, he meets an alchemist, where he understands his dreams better and follows them.

One of the important lessons in the alchemist story is that there is only one thing that makes it impossible to achieve a dream, and that is the fear of failure. The secret of life is to fall to the ground seven times and get up eight times, and when you want something, the whole world will help you to achieve it. Given that The Alchemist Book It is very readable and informative. We suggest that you buy the best translation of the electronic version or PDF as soon as possible and change your life by reading and learning from it.

2- Mindset: The new psychology of success

If you want to read just one book from this list, let that book be the mindset: the new psychology of success. The work of Carol Duke, the author of this book, is very fundamental. He makes the most important point that everyone should be aware of: Your talent and intelligence are not a fixed feature, and these can be developed at any age. While many people believe that genetics determine their fate, Duke is trying to show by scientific research that this is not true.

Duke’s book states that what is more important than genetics is your way of thinking. He states that if you want to succeed in something, the first thing you have to believe in is that you can get better and progress. Duke suggests that you can change everything easily by changing your mindset. These methods will also help you change your mindset.

3. Man in search of meaning

This book can help you in the most bitter times of your life. Man in Search of Meaning is the memory of a psychiatrist named Dr. Victor Frankl from his life in the death camp of Nazi Germany. Although this book is very fascinating and at the same time scary, it also raises the issue that if you have meaning in your life, you can survive any issue in life.

On the other hand, if you have no meaning in life, no matter how good your life is, you will still not achieve deep satisfaction. Frankel suggested that there is an opportunity between the stimulus and the response to enter into the will and decide on the method of action. This choice makes us human and empowers us. On the other hand, the book Man in Search of Meaning shows that by focusing on something you can achieve it. By focusing on the deep meaning of his suffering, Frankel survived Auschwitz.

4- Animal castle

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Animal Castle is a biting political satire published by George Orwell in 1945. The story of this book deals with a farm of humanoid animals that wage a bloody rebellion against their masters and succeed in this way. However, the freedom they gain is soon lost under the leadership of a powerful and terrifying pig named Napoleon.

One of the most important lessons the Animal Farm book teaches you is to respect others when you are in a position of power. Courage and telling the truth is another lesson of this book, and the fact that even if a person is very smart does not mean that he is necessarily doing something that is useful to you. If, according to this summary, you are interested in reading the book Animal Castle and learn more lessons from it, we suggest that you Buy the electronic version of Animal Farm Take action and enjoy reading the book.

5- Stubbornness: strength, passion and perseverance

The most basic characteristic of any entrepreneur is to focus on having a growth mindset. After that, it is important to be very stubborn. Stubbornness means the desire and ability to advance towards one’s goal even in difficult or exhausting conditions. Achieving great success requires work and effort. Being able to fail over and over again and not lose your passion is a very important point in achieving success. This is the main theme of the book Stubbornness: Power, Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

Finally, reading some books can be very instructive and even make a big difference in your life. So, if you have a strong desire to learn and grow, do not miss reading the books that we discussed in this article and enjoy reading them. These books can change your outlook on life and the world around you and enrich your life.

Author: Mina Moin Islam

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