5 effective ways to re-create a business

۵ راهکار موثر برای بازآفرینی کسب‌و‌کار

Numerous factors can play a role in reducing a business’ revenue and stunting. The global epidemic, the presence of new competitors, the loss of key customers, poor management, the loss of key employees or off-target marketing can negatively affect the growth and sustainability of small businesses and is the main reason for a company’s recession. However, it may be time to re-create your business.

Surely you have heard the famous saying: “The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.” This is true for small businesses, so when your business is in recession, the most effective solution may be for you to change.

Having thinking outside the box can make a big difference that brings new opportunities. In this article, we will present five ideas for making positive changes in your business.

1. Have more presence in cyberspace

Some traditional businesses are unfortunately doing the same thing in the past, while their competitors are gaining a better foothold in the marketplace through cyberspace and e-commerce policies. The global epidemic of coronavirus has left most individuals and employees somewhat isolated, and businesses have taken a different approach to their activities.

To operate in the new normal environment, a business must look for vast opportunities on the Internet.

۲. Apply operational changes


Changes are not only inevitable in some cases, but can also be beneficial. It is better to pay attention to businesses during the epidemic to find their operational changes. While most occupations have produced minimal to moderate changes, other occupations have to change almost all of their operations. Many of these changes also make businesses more profitable and powerful for the future.

3. Be creative in your pricing


Many businesses that often have problems are not creative in pricing and usually adopt a fixed style of pricing. However, pricing does not always have to be the same. For example, to sell more, you can use the discounted price in different ways. On the other hand, higher prices can be set for superior products with their long-term warranty and additional services.

Creativity in pricing products and services can improve overall business sales.

4. Find and target vacuum markets


Small businesses have the great opportunity to explore disadvantaged markets and their needs and then tailor their plans to meet those needs. Remember that a small business can maintain its primary target market and expand its services to new markets.

5. Update your company name and brand


Sometimes you need to change your name and brand. Does its name and logo introduce your business services and products to new customers? If not, it’s a good idea to change it and look for new options.

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