5 important and possible predictions for the game industry in 2023

5 important and possible predictions for the game industry in 2023

by coming 2023 In the following article, we intend to estimate 5 of the predictions made about possible and important events in the game industry for this year, so stay tuned. In this regard, it should first be noted that the predictions made based on news and rumors have been made in recent months, but the possibility of their occurrence in 2023 is not far from expected. The presented list of 5 important predictions for the game industry in 2023 is not in any particular order in terms of thematic importance.

Announcement of work on the Keystone project by Microsoft

The Keystone project has just now been confirmed by the director of Microsoft’s gaming department, Phil Spencer, in an unofficial platform (podcast), and in this regard, he has announced that this project is more expensive than what Microsoft had in mind. However, official and precise details of this project are not available and Microsoft is going to unveil it in the unknown future.

In this regard, it seems that Microsoft’s Keystone project is a low-cost cloud gaming platform to reach a wide range of gamers, focusing on the Xbox console. However, while Microsoft has focused on integrating Xbox Cloud Gaming into Samsung TVs and other devices, it’s clear that the company hasn’t completely abandoned the Keystone project.

5 game predictions in 2023

However, it can be predicted that this project will be officially announced in late 2023 for the holiday of 2024 with more details provided by Microsoft. Spencer previously explained that with the Xbox Series S console selling for $299, the Keystone project needs to be priced competitively to attract customers. With Google Stadia’s cloud gaming service disabled, Microsoft’s Keystone cloud project has the potential to be successful if properly implemented.

Introducing a new and upgraded version of PlayStation 5

Sony is probably going to release a more professional version of PlayStation 5 this year, and in recent months, news and rumors about this matter have leaked out. In this regard, there are high expectations for the release of a new version of PlayStation 5 in the first half of this year.

5 game predictions in 2023

According to published information, Sony’s new console is going to be released with support for a removable Blu-ray disc drive, and Sony also has plans to reduce production and shipping costs. Finally, the new PlayStation 5 console, which is probably going to be named PS 5 Pro, is going to be gradually considered as a replacement for the main console in the coming years.

Determining the status of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard

It cannot be said for sure whether this deal will be completed by the end of this year or not, but probably by the middle of 2023, the final status of this 68 billion dollar deal will be better known. The purchase of Activision by Microsoft has become a complex and long process due to the astronomical price and the possible effects it has on the market and customers, and in the past weeks, news about this has been published almost every ten days.

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However, Microsoft has an acceptable record of buying other companies, and this company can also defend itself in legal defenses. But the main problem comes from the regulatory institutions of European and American countries, and for this reason, we have to wait a few more months until the status of this deal is better known.

The possibility of an official unveiling of GTA 6

The introduction of GTA 6 is probably the most anticipated prediction on this list for 2023, and many gamers are interested in playing and immersing themselves in a new world of this series of games after nearly a decade. In the past few months, news, videos and rumors have been published in this regard, and even the development videos of the game have been leaked unintentionally.

Microsoft also announced GTA 6 release in 2024 in its defense in the court for Activision purchase case. In this regard, many expect that at least official news and trailers and even the release date of this game will be determined by Rockstar this year.

5 game predictions in 2023

However, we cannot expect the release of this game in 2023, but one hundred percent officially or unofficially, we are going to see more news about this game. In this regard, Rockstar officially introduced previous games such as GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 two years before their release, so by introducing this game this year, we can expect its release in 2025.

Introducing the Nintendo Switch 2 console

The launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 console is another prediction that has a high probability of becoming a reality, and considering that the Steam Deck statistics show that the current Nintendo Switch console is relatively old, we can expect the introduction and release of the new generation in It was this year.

In this regard, a rumor was published recently and it indicates a planned upgrade for this console series until the release of the next generation, and probably before the introduction of Switch 2, Nintendo will release an upgraded version that is probably something similar to the PlayStation Pro for Nintendo. becomes available.

  • Confirmation of the creation of an online and independent game from the Horizon series by Gorilla Games
  • PS5 Pro launch in 2023 confirmed by Sony + 37 million PS5 sales
  • Confirmation of God of War TV series by Amazon in collaboration with Sony
  • Gamers are suing Microsoft to prevent the Activision deal from being finalized

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