$ 6 million AI development that changes the tone of the conversation

توسعه هوش مصنوعی ۶ میلیون دلاری که لهجه را در حین مکالمه تغییر می‌دهد

To solve a friend’s accent problem, three Stanford students have designed a $ 6 million AI-based system that can change the accent during a conversation.

A friend of the three Stanford students lost his job because of his accent in customer support, and this led his friends to think of a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, some people are not able to do everything because of their accent, and in fact, having an accent becomes an obstacle for them at work, but apparently artificial intelligence will solve this problem. The students who developed the system say they want to help people around the world better understand and comprehend by launching a new startup.

The startup was started by Chinese computer science students, an artificial intelligence engineering and management student from Russia, and another business-oriented MSE student from Venezuela.

These three people have done a lot of research on voice conversion, and they have reviewed previous research and found that not much work has been done on changing the accent. The system designed by them can recognize a person’s accent and help the user to convey his voice to the audience without accent.

The three students started the Sanas startup in 2020, and the company now has 14 employees. Sanas is currently working on algorithms for changing the accent through the developed neural network and can change English to American, Australian, British, Filipino and Spanish accents. The company is also working to remove accents from other languages ​​such as French.

Sanas is currently providing its services to some companies on a trial basis. In late May, Sanas successfully completed an initial round of $ 5.5 million in funding, bringing its total investment to $ 6 million for its new product.

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