7 famous mummies and the secrets they reveal from the ancient world

7 مومیایی مشهور و اسراری که از دنیای باستان برملا می‌کنند

Humans have expressed certain ideas and beliefs about life after death, for example, the ancient Egyptians are famous for their complex funeral ceremonies and their beliefs about death. However, the practice of preserving the bodies of the deceased from 3500 years It existed before the Egyptians and the burial of mummies along with their wealth and belongings has been going on all over the world and some of these mummies that have remained intact today contain amazing details of ancient beliefs and cultures.

Mummies and the objects buried with them show well what things were important to the people of that time or what kind of mystical symbol they used. These precious ancient remains also reveal what kind of afterlife ancient people believed in.

On the other hand, scientists can use modern autopsies to discover the foods used by ancient people, their diseases, and ultimately the cause of their death. In the following, we will take a look at 7 famous mummies who brought valuable information with them by traveling in time.

Otsi – frozen mummy

When the dead mummy “Otsi” froze, during the year 1991 In the mountain range Alps Discovered, Austrian authorities initially thought the mummy belonged to a modern-day mountaineer due to the good condition of the body, however, after hastily separating the mummy from the ice and snow of the mountain, it was determined that it dates back to the Copper Age.

This mummy in height 3210 meters The Alps were found, ca 5300 years lived before; At a time when complex social hierarchies were just forming in Europe. According to the autopsies, Otsi had a violent death and died due to an injury caused by a bow and arrow.

The said mummy brought a lot of information from the Copper Age, genetic tests showed that he was a native of Central Europe and apparently his last meal was goat meat. This man is approx 40 Year Also from Arthritis, arteriosclerosis And Intestinal parasites suffering, however, he has tried to cure them through acupuncture and medicinal plants.

Today we even know that he sharpened his tools a few days before his death, however it is not clear if he was expecting a fight or if he was just following the routine of his life.

Introducing 7 famous mummies

Tolandi Man – Swamp Mummy

He was a young man with a body that was years old 1940 At Denmark It was discovered and it is possible that this person was a human victim. A young man whose remains remained surprisingly intact throughout iron age Lives sometime between years 405 To 380 BC.

It should be mentioned that before his death, he ate porridge with fish, then he was hanged and died due to suffocation. Researchers believe that this type of death was actually part of a sacrificial ceremony.

The people of Denmark at that time generally burned their bodies, but the marshy burial ground of this corpse along with the position of his body further strengthen the hypothesis that he was killed in a sacrificial ceremony.

According to the place of display of this mummy ie Silkburg Museum In Denmark, a man born between 30 To 40 years age and 163 cm He was tall and when he was discovered, in addition to a sheepskin hat and a leather belt, he was still wearing his rope.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

Tutankhamun – young mummy

In the world of archeology less of a body than a celebrity Tutankhamunthe young Egyptian pharaoh has more than 3 thousand years old age 19 years old Died. His tomb in the year 1922 It was opened and since it was not touched by the tomb robbers, it became the headline of the news and reports of scientific circles all over the world.

The mummy of this young pharaoh when discovered 3 coffins One of them was supposed to be made of pure gold. The contents of his tomb also provide a lot of information about the cultural differences of the year 1324 They brought Christ with them.

Also review DNA The body revealed that his father was probably Akhenaten and that the young pharaoh suffered from malaria and a rare bone disorder that made it difficult for him to walk. The cause of his death was either malaria or another infection.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

Shinzoi – Mummy lady

Mummies generally take on a leathery appearance over time, but this is the case with mummies Shinzoi which is also known as “Bano Dai” has no precedent. The mummy of Lady Dai who lived in China during the Han Dynasty, year 1971 discovered.

It is said that the condition of his tomb was such that there was almost no oxygen in it and his coffin was filled with a liquid that kept the body interestingly healthy.

The mummy of Lady Day is years old 168 BC Christ will return. Also, many objects including dining utensils, musical instruments and valuable dyed silks were placed next to him. According to the information obtained, this woman was the wife of “Li Kang”, one of the nobles of the court.

Further investigation revealed that Lady Day was around the age of 50 years old And he died of a heart attack.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

Chinchuro collection – South American mummies

Chinchuro mummies that are in Chile They have been discovered today, with an ancient history 7000 years old Among some of the oldest man-made mummies are because these people 2000 years Before the Egyptians, they started embalming their dead.

The mentioned mummies have been prepared for burial with the same precision and luxury as the Egyptian nobles, so that their intestines and internal organs have been removed and their muscles have been separated from the bones. These people continued to fill the corpses with straw, plant materials and flowers to fill the place of the removed organs and parts.

The mentioned ceremony is completed with things like coloring the skin in black or red color, using a headdress and flower masks.

It is necessary to mention the Chinchuro people who live in the desert Atacama They did not leave any written records, so the mummies of this civilization carry very little information. However, they seem to have embalmed all the dead, regardless of status, including stillborn babies.

The researchers say that these people used the embalming process as a “good luck againThey considered a deceased person, so they did not differentiate between their dead.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

Ramses II – the most powerful pharaoh of Egypt

Ramses II, under the title Ramses the Great is also known 68 years He ruled the land of Egypt as pharaoh. He is also known as the most powerful pharaoh of Egypt because of his policies and victorious wars.

It should be mentioned that with the beginning of the collapse of the new Egyptian kingdom (1070 To 1550 BC) Egyptian priests started moving the royal mummies in order to keep them safe from thieves and also apparently intended to steal the gold and other valuable items in the tombs because there was a shortage of gold in that period. They were.

For this reason, the mummy of Ramses II finally came out of a simple coffin, which was also discovered in the year 1881 done.

According to the research done by Ramses the Great 1.80 cm tall and after a long life, about 90 years old due to a bone disorder (Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) has passed away.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

Frozen Maiden – Siberian mummy

The Siberian Frozen Maiden was obviously an important figure during her lifetime. He is a member of Pazyryk culture and greater civilization The Scythians He lived in the fifth century BC.

His tomb 1993 In the Republic of Altai Russia was discovered, it is said that when his body was discovered, it was in a coffin made of fir wood and also 6 horses The victim was near him.

This mummy, which is also known as “Prince Okok”, probably at the time of death 25 years He was old, it is said that his body was covered with peat, his brain and eyes were removed, and the eye sockets were filled with animal hair.

On the other hand, the mummy’s head was decorated with a golden crown, she was wearing clothes made of wool and camel hair, and she was also made up with red, red and yellow colors.

Introducing 7 famous ancient bodies

The most special feature of this mummy is perhaps the tattoo on its body, which shows the head of a deer, a leopard and the beak of the legendary griffin bird.

In the end, it should be said that this mummy also carried a lot of information about the Pazyryk culture, for example, his silk shirt, which was probably made from India, shows that there were long trade routes from 2400 years have existed in this area before.

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