A 22-year-old British man has been arrested in Spain for hacking Twitter

جوان ۲۲ ساله بریتانیایی به اتهام هک توییتر در اسپانیا بازداشت شد

The US Department of Justice has announced the arrest of a British citizen in Spain on charges of illegally hacking into social media accounts and extorting money from users. He also participated in the massive hacking of Twitter in 2020.

“Joseph O’Connor” (Joseph O’Connor), A 22-year-old British citizen who took to Twitter under the username “PlugWalkJoe”, was recently arrested in connection with the 2020 hacking of Twitter in Spain. During the attack, a large number of accounts of celebrities, including former US President Barack Obama and Ilan Mask, were hacked, and eventually a hundred thousand dollars was swindled through bitcoin. The Pentagon said in a statement that the man had also been charged with hacking into the accounts of TickTalk and SnapChat platforms.

O’Connor’s most serious allegations include conspiracy to attempt to gain unauthorized computer access to extort valuable items from individuals by sending threatening messages. He is said to have been one of the professional thieves of users’ identities through unauthorized access to people’s SIM cards. In such attacks, the attacker can trick the mobile communication service companies into accessing the mobile number and the information received by it, which may eventually jeopardize the security of social network accounts by bypassing two-step authentication.

In an interview with the New York Times, O’Connor explicitly identified himself as “PlugWalkJoe” and reported that hackers had misused the Slack service to gain access to confidential Twitter account information. Of course, he spoke very vaguely about his role in last year’s attack, which eventually led to 130 accounts being hacked. He also believes that he has not done anything illegal and that legal institutions can come to him.

The latest arrest follows a series of arrests linked to last year’s Twitter hacking Is. Graham Ivan Clark is among those arrested who is described as the mastermind of the attack. Nima Rolex Fazeli and Mason Chaewon are other detainees. Clark was eventually sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the alleged hack.

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