A 44% increase in sales of foldable phones is expected to reach 18 million in 2023

A 44% increase in sales of foldable phones is expected to reach 18 million in 2023

Trendforce It has recently published a report in which it is predicted that the sales of folding phones in 2023 will increase by 44% compared to last year and reach a total of 18 million devices. This prediction and possible increase in sales is supposed to affect the sales of OLED panels and foldable phones based on these displays.

In this regard, the overall market of these products is predicted to be close to 500 million dollars in 2023. In this regard, last year we saw the sale of 12.8 million foldable phones, and according to the latest forecast, this amount is expected to increase to nearly 18.5 million in 2023.

Samsung is still the leader in this sector and has 82% of this market. Other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, most of whose sales are in China, are in other ranks. However, the announced figures are only Trendforce forecasts. However, due to their unique design, foldable phones require complex parts and a strong design, and this also increases the price of the final models.

18 million 2023 folding phone

With the increase in sales and popularity of these products, manufacturers can use more affordable parts. In this regard, the hinges that are used in folding phones were named as one of the most important parts, and a 14.6% increase is also expected for these parts this year.

Currently, two companies, KH Vatech and S-connect, are considered the top manufacturers in this field, which provide Samsung with U design hinges. The production of display of folding devices is also another important issue that requires high knowledge and having a high-quality and suitable production environment.

In this regard, most users of folding phones have expressed concern about the middle panel and the curvature of the phone, and Samsung has also stated that it is aware of these problems, but the company is also going to use a U-shaped single-axis hinge that creates a groove in the screen. .

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