A Chinese software company bought $ 40 million worth of Bitcoin and Atrium

A Chinese software company bought $ 40 million worth of Bitcoin and Atrium

Chinese company Meitu, the developer of the photo editing app, bought Atrium $ 22.1 million and Bitcoin $ 17.9 million.

After Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin, the price of this popular cryptocurrency skyrocketed, making it the largest daily climb in its history. In recent weeks, many companies have invested in the digital currency market following the example of Tesla. One of the differences between Mito and the rest of these companies is that the Chinese company has also bought Atrium by investing in Bitcoin.

This is a Chinese company Says Digital currencies diversify the financial system:

“Blockchain technology has the potential to transform existing financial and technology fields. “The same thing happened in the field of offline activities with the efficiency of mobile and computer-based Internet activities.”

Mito’s board believes that digital currencies are worth the investment, and that the company has been able to diversify its financial system by allocating a portion of its capital to cryptocurrencies. Mito’s decision to invest in cryptocurrencies shows that Mito has a variety of perspectives and plans to enter the field.

Hours after the announcement of the company’s investment in Bitcoin and Atrium, the value of its shares rose by about 3.3 percent and finally grew by 14 percent for the company.

Mito also noted in his statement that the value of cryptocurrencies is still very volatile. The company is exploring the possibility of using blockchain-based technologies in overseas businesses. In addition, Mito is trying to identify suitable overseas projects for investment in this area.

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