A different user experience on an Android tablet with WhatsApp split view

A different user experience on an Android tablet with WhatsApp split view

It seems that the popular WhatsApp messenger has just added a new feature. This change is for Android tablets. Trial version for WhatsApp Android tablets now feature split view or provides a split view.

One of the few things that WhatsApp has been missing for years is proper tablet support. But now it seems that this will change soon. This messaging app offers a new feature to start with to improve support for Android tablets, and at this point it adds a split view feature in the beta program.

WhatsApp split view feature

This feature will probably be very useful for those who use WhatsApp on their tablets. This feature helps optimize the UI on larger screens. This brings a better user experience. Additionally, the new WhatsApp feature allows users to multitask. WhatsApp users on Android tablets can view and use two different parts of the program at the same time.

In the screenshot provided by WABetaInfo, you can see an image consisting of two parts, the active chat content on the left and the list of WhatsApp chats on the right. Previously, the content of the chat or conversation occupied the entire screen of the tablet. Now you can quickly switch between conversations without having to go back. This split view is also available for contacts and status.

Split view android tablet

Last year, the first version of WhatsApp compatible with Android tablets was released to beta testers. At that time, this program did not offer the feature in question. But currently, if you are one of the users of the trial version, you can use the split view display mode on your Android tablet. Of course, you should keep in mind that the final release time of this feature is not yet known and it is possible that this feature will remain in test versions for a few weeks to a few months. There is even a possibility that WhatsApp will decide to never add the said feature to the original version.

In recent months, WhatsApp introduced a feature that allowed linking an Android tablet to an existing account. Until then, users could only connect their computers and laptops to their accounts using the web or desktop versions of WhatsApp. But now it is possible to connect the Android tablet to the user account. But despite users being able to use the app on their tablets, mobile mode wasn’t optimized for the larger screen. And now with the split view feature, using the beta program on the tablet will be more pleasant.

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