A giant asteroid will pass close to Earth at 30 times the speed of sound tomorrow

یک سیارک غول‌پیکر با 30 برابر سرعت صوت فردا از نزدیکی زمین عبور می‌کند

NASA says a giant asteroid has been identified with a “danger hazard” and its size Twice the Empire State Building It arrives near the planet Earth tomorrow, Thursday, May 28th. The diameter of the planet with 30 times faster than the speed of sound It moves, estimated at 350 to 780 meters.

Asteroid 418135 (Or 2008 AG33) Tomorrow it will approach the Earth at a speed of 37,400 km / h it is expected To pass by our planet without any problem. This asteroid is at the closest point 3.2 million kilometers It will be about eight times the distance from the earth and the moon. This distance may seem large on terrestrial scales, but very small on cosmic scales.

NASA refers to all space objects that approach the Earth from a distance of 193 million kilometers as “near-Earth objects” and all high-speed objects less than 7.5 million kilometers With “Probability of danger»Introduces. Once objects are categorized, astronomers carefully monitor them for any possible path deviations that may put the object in Earth orbit.

Asteroid 2008 AG33 Visits Earth every seven years

Asteroid 418135 was first discovered on January 12, 2008 and once passed by Earth on March 1, 2015. The asteroid passes close to Earth almost once every seven years and is expected to be the next time in history May 25, 2029 (June 5, 1408) Come visit us.

Tomorrow’s asteroid is not the largest rock to approach Earth in the coming weeks. This title to Asteroid 467460 (Or 2006 JF42) with a diameter of 380 to 860 meters and a speed of 40,700 kilometers per hour 19 ارديبهشت It passes near the planet Earth.

Although astronomers have been monitoring the movement of dangerous asteroids, some countries are looking for ways to eliminate their threat. NASA has already begun an experiment to redirect a safe asteroid, and China wants to build a system to deal with these space objects.

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