A halogen gas was first discovered in the atmosphere of Mars

A halogen gas was first discovered in the atmosphere of Mars

The discovery of halogen gas on Mars for the first time marked a new milestone in the history of Red Planet studies. Scientists have interpreted it as changing the two-dimensional view of Mars to a three-dimensional image.

ExoMars orbiter succeeds Identification of hydrogen Chloride It consisted of a hydrogen atom and a chlorine atom on Mars. Gases containing chlorine or sulfur are generally considered as a possible indicator for identifying volcanic activity. Scientists have previously sought to discover such gases on Mars, and new findings are revealing some strange features of the planet.

The new discovery means that there is an unknown process between the planet’s surface and its atmosphere. Scientists say the salt from the remnants of Mars’ oceans may have been carried by the wind into the atmosphere. Sunlight also warms the planet’s atmosphere, causing ocean water to evaporate and rise in the atmosphere, producing hydrogen chloride gas.

An accurate understanding of such processes is especially important on a planet 194.65 million kilometers from Earth, because the life cycle on Mars is very similar to Mars, and such studies help to better understand the Martian climate cycle.

According to recent studies, there seems to be a change of seasons on Mars, and especially in the southern hemisphere, the planet will probably have relatively warm summers. Evaporation of water and dust, which led to the detection of hydrogen chloride, confirms this. The gas tracker’s observations help scientists learn more about Mars’ past.

When a hydrogen atom is replaced by a deuterium atom, scientists can also measure water vapor and semi-heavy water. A researcher at NASA’s Space Flight Center says the ratio of deuterium to hydrogen could provide scientists with powerful information about the history of water on Mars and how its life cycle has evolved over time.

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