A joint study by SNAP and the University of Medical Sciences on the effects of corona on children

پژوهش مشترک اسنپ و دانشگاه علوم پزشکی در بررسی اثرگذاری کرونا بر کودکان

The SNAP Market Strategy and Research Team, in collaboration with the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, presented a report to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the effects of the Corona virus on children. The details of this study, entitled “The first comprehensive study of seroepidemiology and molecular study of SARS-CoV-2 in children in Tehran” conducted in a multi-central manner, is still confidential with the Ministry of Health.

Such studies are among the few global studies that have examined the effects of the coronavirus on children. This international study was conducted in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the Robert Koch Institute in Germany in Iran and seems to be an effective step towards recognizing the effect of the Corona virus on children and the transmission of the virus by them.

When Corona goes to children

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic in the world, researchers have conducted many studies to understand the effect of this disease, its complications and how it is transmitted in children. The diversity of children and the increasing incidence of their cases, on the one hand, and the unknown impact of the virus on children’s health, as well as their role in the transmission of Covid 19 virus, on the other, prompted study centers around the world to conduct joint international research. Therefore, the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences also included a comprehensive study on children aged 1 to 14 in Tehran.

Type of clustering of different urban areas in the metropolis of Tehran, identification of families with children, invitation of families, provision of traffic facilities, provision of medical counseling and sampling according to existing protocols and restrictions, and involvement of all health centers of medical universities in Responding to coronary patients, which eliminated the possibility of using these centers in the study, caused the implementation of the study in this project to face many challenges.

How did Snap participate in this research project?

Following the initial disapproval of this plan by families living in Tehran, SNAP participated in this study with appropriate population coverage from different urban areas of Tehran and its safe operation in intercity transportation, according to the health standards of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The SNAP market strategy and research team created a new approach to health-centered studies by designing an online system for clustering and execution of calls. Hossein Rostami, SNAP Market Strategy and Research Leader, said: “Martyr Beheshti, the use of SNAP’s potential to invite families was evaluated and approved.”

According to Rostami, in order to implement this health-oriented research, first of all, the security of the process was ensured. It was researched. After announcing their readiness, the volunteers went to the designated laboratories with their child on a free Snape trip and in compliance with all health protocols. In order to encourage the participants, in addition to the child, their parents also had the opportunity to perform a full corona test by the organizers of the project.

On the other hand, referring to the users’ confidence in the SNAP suite along with safety and health throughout the process, he said: “Parents and their children made this research work.”

Corona and Snap Market Research Team

Rostami also said about the details of SNAP’s cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Vice President for Science and Technology: “Immediately after Corona entered the country, SNAP, with the help of the Vice President for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Communications, “It created the health of its driver users, whose goal, in addition to identifying infected driver users, was to support them to get through the illness.”

According to him, in this plan, drivers with coronary artery are identified and temporarily disabled with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, and SNAP pays them free loans to complete the treatment period. In this regard, in 1999, more than 5,000 support loans were granted to SNAP drivers. Therefore, in addition to increasing the health of travel, the livelihood of SNAP drivers was also considered.

SNAP Market Research Team or Strategic Heart

Explaining the responsibilities of the team, SNAP Market Strategy and Research Leader continued: “All decisions at SNAP are based on the evaluation and analysis of the data collected. This data-driven approach is one of the important factors in the success of SNAP in the development and growth of the country’s digital economy in recent years. “Sending 25 million questionnaires via SMS, as well as 500,000 face-to-face interviews annually, are just a few of Snape’s efforts to get moment-by-moment feedback from the audience and reflect it on Snape Group’s micro and macro decision-making process.”

Emphasizing that, in general, the SNAP market research team has two basic tasks of constantly monitoring and evaluating the performance of all SNAP segments and finding influential factors in the target market, he continued: “In fact, before entering any market or taking Strategic decisions, in the first step of the market research team, enter the field and provide a clear understanding of the current situation and future opportunities for the business by measuring the market situation and competitors. “Sometimes the process of gathering information to start a new service and achieve the best performance takes a long time.”

According to him, the initial research and studies in order to launch the “Snapdocter” service started two years ago. The market research team helps to identify market conditions, people’s needs, as well as the methods by which they can enter the existing market, or even in some cases the market that does not exist from the beginning. Simply put, people need to use new, cost-effective, accessible, and transparent methods that determine in which market and how products should be delivered.

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