A large asteroid passes around the Earth in less than two months

A large asteroid passes around the Earth in less than two months

There are many asteroids and debris in space, some of which pass around the Earth. Meanwhile, the almost large asteroid “2001 FO32” will come to our planet next month. It is approaching.

Astronomers do not currently have much information about the asteroid, however they expect FO32 2001 to pass close to Earth without any problems. Scientists believe the asteroid is approximately 3.2 million kilometers from Earth and is expected to be 1 km wide.

Although not nearly 1 km wide, FO32 2001 is in fact one of the largest known asteroids. However, it can not be included in the list of asteroids that could pose a serious threat to human survival and could endanger us.

In addition, a distance of 3.2 million kilometers takes us away from serious danger, and this distance is obtained by examining its orbit around the sun. The asteroid is expected to move farther away from Earth as we travel through space. After passing close to Earth in 2021, it will have nothing to do with our planet until 2052.

After 2052, the planet will pass close to Earth in 2103, 2134 and 2185, and of course its distance will increase. So astronomers should not worry about it, and of course we may have technology by the time we can destroy them in space. Another possibility is that humans will migrate to Mars, as Earth may not be habitable until then.

Finally, it should be noted that the asteroid 2001 FO32 is recognized by NASA as one of the most dangerous asteroids due to its proximity to Earth.

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