A list of questions you hear and ask during the trip

لیست سوالاتی که در سفر آن‌ها را می‌شنوید و می‌پرسید

Flytio has recently compiled a list of questions that are all asked and heard during the trip. You can download this list here. If you want to know more about this list and why it was published, then you should be more familiar with the concept of discovery and the concept of travel.

Among everyday conversations, those conversations are memorable for us, showing a new world. A world we have not seen or experienced. For example, how do people react to meals in other countries, or which vehicle is more popular in different countries? These are all small details that we can discover by traveling. But travel is not available to everyone and there are difficulties for some.

Learn about nerve diversity

Neurodiversity It is a wide range of mental challenges. From ADHD to obsessive-compulsive disorder and even anxiety attacks, they can all fall into the Neurodiversity Spectrum. But why do we use the word “challenge”? In the traditional view, mental and psychological behaviors have a general standard. But the modern view holds that the structure of society follows a standard and cannot be defined as standard for mental behaviors. Defining a standard prevents people struggling with the challenges of neural diversity from enjoying the benefits of urban and social structures.

How about For example, imagine that you are in line to check your luggage at the airport. If you have travel anxiety, this queue, which is known as a standard, will be scary for you. This will make your travel experience unpleasant and reduce the possibility of discovery.

Flight Solution: A list of frequently asked travel questions

Flytivo has found a solution to these problems. Certainly the best thing to do is to improve existing social structures. If the current structures can be optimized to take into account the feelings, challenges and problems of different people, the mental health of society will certainly improve dramatically. However, you can go step by step and solve problems one by one.

It is this idea that has led Flytio to step up its efforts to solve the problems of this community of people and to try to come up with new solutions. The first solution of Flytio, List of frequently asked travel questions Is. This list includes questions that you may be asked at the airport or that you may be asked at the airport. Let’s look at some sample questions together:

  • Where is the flight check counter?
  • Where is the exit flight gate?
  • Where should you deliver your luggage at the airport and where should you pick it up?

However, this list is a step forward in Flytio’s social responsibility activities to improve the Neurodivergent community’s travel experience. The startup, now in its sixth year, is constantly working to improve its travel experience and prioritize discovery. You can also help Flytio with this. You can send all your suggestions to improve the travel experience to Flytio Public Relations email and stay in touch with this startup.

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