A look at the latest prices in the car market in the last days of March 2017

A look at the latest prices in the car market in the last days of March 2017

While the car market has been on a slight slope of prices in recent weeks, in the last week of March, with Nowruz approaching, the market has fallen asleep more than ever. The special situation this year has made the Eid night market completely lifeless and sluggish, and the amount of sales in the market has been almost zero.

This issue has caused the price of some cars to decrease on the first day of the last week of Esfand 99. Of course, these cars are mainly domestic products, and the import market is still in recession, as in previous weeks and months. According to the Young Journalists Club, based on the transactions made on Saturday, the 23rd of Esfand, the price of Iranian cars in the market has dropped by an average of one million Tomans.

Most of the cars that fell in price happen to be popular products on the market. Peugeot Pars broke the border of 210 million Tomans with a relative drop and is now traded at 209 million Tomans. Of course, this price is (simple) for Peugeot Pars Sal.

Saipa 131, as one of the most common and cheapest cars in the market, has become cheaper by one million Tomans and now costs 108 million Tomans. Peugeot 206 Type 2 has recently found more customers than Type 5, but on the first day of the last week of March, it dropped by one million Tomans and reached a price tag of 185 million Tomans. You can also see the prices of other domestically produced cars according to the table below:

Car model Price (USD)
Samand LX (Simple) 184,000,000
Peugeot 405 GLX 184,000,000
Peugeot Pars (simple) 209,000,000
Peugeot 206 Type 2 (Simple) 185,000,000
Peugeot 206 Type 5 (Simple) 252,000,000
Peugeot 206 sedan v8 243,000,000
Peugeot 207 automatic 380,000,000
Peugeot 207 gear (steel rim) 258,000,000
Renault Thunder 90 E2 330,000,000
Renault Thunder Plus automatic 414,000,000
Rana LX 204,000,000
Rana Plus 233,000,000
Ordinary Dena (steel ring) 255,000,000
Dena Plus Turbo Gear 317,000,000
Haima s7 Turbo 690,000,000
Saipa 111 126,000,000
Saipa 131 108,000,000
Saipa 132 (1398) 115,000,000
ساینا 131.000.0000
Tiba (steel ring) 115,000,000
Tiba 2 (steel rim) 127,000,000
Quick gear 139,000,000
Kia Cerato 2000 (optional) 800,000,000
MVM 315 hatchback 267.000.0000
MVM X22 ‌, Excellent Sport Gear

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