A look at the price of domestic cars in the market – Froudein 1400

Stagnation of the zero kilometer car market in the car market A look at the price of domestic cars in the market - Froudein 1400 1

Yesterday, the chairman of the Competition Council announced the re-increase of car prices in the spring of 1400, and now it seems that this news will pave the way for the re-increase and exit of the car market from the recession, while considering the economic conditions and outlook. Stopping or easing sanctions, many customers were waiting for prices to fall in the car market, so we decided to take a look at the prices of some best-selling cars in the current market conditions.

Last year, the car market fluctuated a lot. The summer of 1999 started with the rise of several million imported and domestic cars, and the increase in prices continued until the beginning of the autumn season. During this period, many dealers entered the car market with the intention of making a profit, raising the prices of most cars to space figures.

But it did not take long for the market to plummet and most cars to drop in price. The work went so far that some models, such as Saipa Quick or Chinese cars, could be bought in the market at a lower price than the factory price. Fluctuations continued in the winter of 1999, but the slope of the decline was slightly reduced.

Now that we are in the year 1400, many are hoping for the revival of Borjam and the consequent return of foreign automakers to Iran. The hasty start of the carmakers’ immediate sales during the Eid holidays also promised a cheap wave again in the market. Although the drop in car prices in the first two weeks of April was not significant, the market is still volatile and prices change every day and even every hour.

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Despite the definite increase in car factory prices, many believe that the market will not be stretched, and it is possible to predict the continuation of small fluctuations in the shadow of the recession for the domestic car market until the end of the current government. According to the Young Reporters Club, you can see the prices of some of the most popular cars on the market today:

Car model Price (USD)
Samand LX (Simple) 182,000,000
Samand LX (simple) 1400 190,000,000
Peugeot 405 GLX 185,000,000
Peugeot Pars (simple) 213,000,000
Peugeot Pars (simple) 1400 222,000,000
Peugeot 206 Type 2 (Simple) 189,000,000
Peugeot 206 Type 2 (Simple) 1400 203,000,000
Peugeot 206 Type 5 (Simple) 252,000,000
Peugeot 206 sedan v8 239,000,000
Peugeot 207 automatic 370,000,000
Peugeot 207 automatic (1400) 385,000,000
Peugeot 207 gear (steel rim) 263,000,000
Peugeot 207 gear (steel rim) 1400 285,000,000
Renault Thunder 90 E2 335,000,000
Renault Thunder Plus automatic 405,000,000
Rana LX 205,000,000
Rana Plus 217,000,000
Ordinary Dena (steel ring) 255,000,000
Ordinary Dena (steel ring) 1400 264,000,000
Dena Plus Turbo Gear 347,000,000
Haima s7 Turbo 685,000,000
Saipa 111 127,000,000
Saipa 131 108,000,000
Saipa 132 (1398) 115,000,000
ساینا 130,000,000
Saina 1400 140,000,000
Tiba (steel ring) 117,000,000
Tiba (steel ring) 1400 125,000,000
Tiba 2 (steel rim) 125,000,000
Tiba 2 (steel ring) 1400 133,000,000
Quick gear 139,000,000
Quick gear 1400 147,000,000
Kia Cerato 2000 (optional) 780,000,000
MVM 315 hatchback 263,000,000
MVM X22 ‌, Excellent Sport Gear

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