A look at the specifications of Arisan 2 Iran pickup truck, car with dual engine

نگاهی بر مشخصات وانت آریسان ۲ ایران‌خودرو با موتور دوگانه‌سوز

Iran Khodro Recently from Arisan van 2 Has unveiled. This car Improved version of Arisan And uses a more powerful propulsion system. But in appearance it is not much different from the previous model. In the following, we will briefly review the specifications of Arisan 2 pickup truck.

Version 2 of Arisan pickup Iran-Khodro is very different from the previous Arisan in terms of technical specifications. This car to 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine + UX7 Equipped that can 103 horsepower And 157 نUT torque meter Produce. Unlike the previous model, the propulsive force is not through the rear wheels, but through 5-speed manual transmission To Front axle It is entered. In other words, Arisan 2 is a car Front differential (FWD) Is.

Load capacity Permitted new Iran pickup حدود car. Approx 600 kg And capacity تب‌آوری It to one body arrives. Other specifications of Arisan 2 dual-burner pickup can be: Capacity of 75 liter industrial tank And Gas tank capacity 40 liters Cited. This car succeeded in obtaining a standard certificate Euro pollution 5 Has been.

Qualitatively, it should be said that Arisan Do. First with two quality stars And then with Three quality stars Will be produced. The fuel tank and spare parts have been moved under the body to increase safety. This car has numerous safety features and equipment including Airbag for front passengers، ABS, EBD brakes, hydraulic steering, disc brakes and rear bowls, power windows, Bluetooth distribution system and … Is.

Production of Arisan 2 is currently in Khorasan Factory Has started and it can be expected that this car will be released in the near future.

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