A man tried to track the Apple Watch by attaching it to the car wheel

مردی با چسباندن اپل واچ به چرخ خودرو، قصد ردیابی آن را داشت

A man attaches his Apple Watch to the wheel of his fiancée’s car in order to track it down. But this action causes him trouble and he is eventually arrested.

These days, there are interesting news about the arrest of different people; Among the news is the arrest of a Chinese man who had 160 Intel processors attached to him. This time, a man’s skepticism is too much for him.

Be careful where you put your Apple Watch

According to AppleInsiderA man in Nashville and Tennessee, USA Tracing Through pasting Apple Watch He himself was arrested at the wheel of his car. This person, «Lawrence WelchIs called.

He is now 29 years And has recently been arrested by US police. The main point is something else; Instead of using an Apple AirTag, Lawrence has switched to using the Apple Watch to track the person.

The woman pursued by Lawrence Welch is said to be his fiancée. The victim claimed that he had been threatened with death several times and that they had already been to the family safety center together.

The victim revealed that he and Welch used the service to monitor each other’s location.Life360” Have used; However, he disabled the service before visiting the center. Following this action, he was confronted with various messages in which he was asked to announce his position or call the owner of the number.

Finally, after a police investigation, it was revealed that Lawrence Welch went to the victim’s car to attach the Apple Watch to its wheel. He confirmed that the Apple Watch is attached to the car for himself have been.

His goal was to continue to pursue the person in question, and he continued to do so even though the victim was not satisfied.

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