A molecule from a poisonous plant prevents the replication of all species of the corona virus

مولکول حاصل از یک گیاه سمی جلوی تکثیر همه گونه‌های ویروس کرونا را می‌گیرد

An antiviral agent called topsigargin (TG), which comes from a group of poisonous plants called “deadly turmeric”, has apparently been effective in the laboratory against all types of coronavirus, including delta.

Researchers in laboratory cell tests have found that using TG before or during infection can block SARS-CoV-2 activity and trigger a stronger immune response in the body. Scientists in the article the results of this research نوشته‌اند“A dose of TG before infection with coronavirus can control all monotypes of this disease and its combination species (including AB, AD and BD) in 95% of cases.”

As a source of antivirals, topsigargin can disrupt some of the mechanisms used by viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, to invade host cells, multiply, and distribute them throughout the body. “All the available data (collected by us and other researchers) on influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, show that TG does not block the virus from entering the body but stimulates internal pathways,” the researchers said. “A cell stops the virus from multiplying.”

Scientists now have to look at the next step in making medicine from TG. This will probably take time because, as we said, topsigargin is made from a poisonous plant. In addition, in the next steps, we should see the drug go through the clinical trial phase to see how much TG can help patients in practice.

This study also confirms the increased rate of reproduction and transmission in the delta corona species. This species is apparently 4 times more contagious than alpha and 9 times beta. The delta corona can also increase their proliferation rate if combined with other species. In other words, if a person has two types of corona at the same time, the corona helps to increase the strength of the secondary species.

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