A new form of dark energy can reveal the secrets of the expansion of the universe

شکل جدیدی از انرژی تاریک می‌تواند اسرار مربوط به انبساط کیهان را فاش کند

This energy explains the basics of matter and can explain the current rapid expansion of the universe. Previously, the rapid expansion of the world could not be justified by any theory. Dark energy is a pervasive and unknown form of energy that makes up dark matter and dark energy about 95% of the entire universe. Dark energy is the mythical and astonishing energy that can be used to justify cosmic expansion.

There is a second type of dark energy that scientists believe existed in the first 300,000 years after the Big Bang. This energy is the key to understanding the rapid expansion of today’s world.

Many studies have been done in this regard in order to find the connection between the subject of dark matter and the expansion of the universe. Scientists have written many articles on this subject. The first time dark energy entered the experimental phase, according to available data, dates back to 2013 to 2016. The series of experiments was performed using the Atacama Space Telescope in Chile.

If the experiments that are taking place go well, after many years, scientists will finally be able to discover the answer to the mysteries of the expansion of the universe. The reason for the importance of the expansion of the universe is because, according to existing theories, the rate of expansion must be much lower than the rate at which the universe is expanding today. However, the data in such experiments are preliminary and do not necessarily reflect the nature or nature of dark energy. For this reason, it is largely true that more information than dark energy is very basic. This is so clear and obvious that the authors of the articles themselves have admitted it. They said the data were not strong enough to pinpoint the effects of dark energy.

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“There are many reasons that can be used to convince people and the scientific community that dark energy can be used for new physical discoveries.”

Sylvia Galli, cosmologist at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics

With these issues, researchers hope to find more accurate and better methods and achieve the most important results. Antarctic Telesco, for example, which is located in Antarctica, has a relatively high accuracy, and scientists hope to use it to obtain much more useful information.

“If these issues of dark energy going back to the early universe are true, we need to look at relatively strong and definite signals and signs to be able to confirm its accuracy.”

Colin Hill, co-author of an article on dark energy and cosmologist at Columbia University in New York

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Cosmic Wave Background Mapping

Telescopes in energy-related cosmic experiments, such as the Antarctic Telescope, are designed to map cosmic background radiation. These waves are sometimes known as Big Bang radiation. These mappings are one of the most important principles for cosmologists to better understand the universe.

These maps act as a guide for cosmologists. Any small change in the drawing and during the research can be convincing evidence or a major discovery.

Each of these changes can be a solid document for rejecting or changing different models. They can even give relative credit to models like the standard cosmological model. This model assumes that a universe consists of three main elements: dark matter, dark energy, and ordinary matter.

This model describes that dark matter is responsible for the formation of galaxies, and that ordinary matter, which makes up less than 5 percent of the universe’s total mass, exists alongside two other elements in the universe.

Such maps were first presented in a modern, modern form in Europe from 2009 to 2013 by the Planck Space Agency.

Based on these maps and calculations, it was determined by Planck’s data how fast the world should actually expand and inflation; Of course, this was assumed to be the correct standard cosmological model.

1637377501 720 A new form of dark energy can reveal the secrets A new form of dark energy can reveal the secrets of the expansion of the universe 6

But the point is, over the past decade or so, measurements and data from observations of supernova explosions and other available methods have shown that the rate of expansion is about 5 to 10 percent faster than estimated.

Despite these problems, theorists made small changes to the standard model of cosmology that could justify such a computational difference.

Two years ago, cosmologists Mark Kamyunkovsky of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and colleagues proposed an additional clause for the standard model of cosmology.

According to this clause, they considered the initial dark energy to be a fluid that penetrated the structure of the universe hundreds of thousands of years before its destruction before the Big Bang.

Kamiunkovsky believes that this is not a very convincing cause or clause, but at least by assuming such a thing one can know the rest of the issues that govern the universe.

On the other hand, the initial dark energy was not strong enough to cause rapid expansion, but this is currently being done with ordinary dark energy. This causes the Big Bang plasma to cool as quickly as possible, which, according to Planck’s calculations, was much faster than what is happening today. This in itself can affect the interpretation of wave mapping results. This is especially true when we talk about the age of the universe and its extent of expansion. The measurement of such parameters is based on the amount of motion of sound waves in the plasma before it cools.

Interpretation of cosmic wave mapping based on dark energy models and related data shows that the universe today is about 12.4 billion years old, which is about 11 percent younger than the standard cosmological model. And calculations were obtained. The number obtained from the calculations is about 13.8 billion years. Thus, the current expansion will be about 5% faster than predicted. Scientists are revising their ratios to introduce new figures to the public.

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Problems persist

Colin Hill said he was initially skeptical about early dark energy issues, but was very encouraged by his team’s findings. Vivian Pauline, an astrophysicist at the University of Montpellier in France who wrote the second paper on dark energy data, is pleased that the data analysis team has been able to understand this well and continue its research.

“The authors of such articles are hardworking and very careful people; “These people strictly understand the available data and measurements.”

Mark Kamyunkovsky, cosmologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland

However, not all scientists and researchers have the same opinion. Sylvia Galli, a cosmologist at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics, thinks the team has inconsistencies with Planck’s team data. This data may eventually lead us to the initial dark energy. But in any case there is no guarantee behind such a set of data. Galli concludes that the use of the Antarctic Telescope can be very helpful and provide important information to researchers and the data analysis team. Galli himself is involved in an experiment using the Antarctic Telescope at the Antarctic location, and is eager to finally analyze the results of this research.

On the other hand, some researchers, such as Wendy Friedman, a cosmologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, believe that the introduction of new models could make a huge contribution to the world of science. Friedman concludes that in order to accurately measure the pattern of cosmic expansion, we need to give different models a better chance and compare them to the standard model.

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