A new report announces the possibility of introducing the iPhone 13 on September 14th

گزارشی جدید از احتمال معرفی آیفون ۱۳ در تاریخ ۲۳ شهریور خبر می‌دهد

“John Praser”, a reputable source in the field of technology, has announced that the iPhone 13 series will be introduced in the next two weeks on September 14th. An image of the next-generation iPhone case has also been released, which could indicate its introduction in the near future.

Despite numerous reports, Apple has not yet released official information about the iPhone 13. Although the Cupertinos are trying to prevent the disclosure of their product information, we are still seeing their information released before it is unveiled.

Now, in the latest information about the iPhone 13, a reliable source in the field, namely John Praser, introduced this series of Apple phones on September 14th. Informed data. Praser also said that the supply of these products will start on October 23rd.

Although the information provided by Proser is consistent with the annual iPhone event, other reports have previously suggested that the iPhone 13 may go on sale on September 17th.

Citing unnamed sources, Praser introduced September 14 as the main day and, of course, provided more details about the event and the iPhone 13. According to him, the press invitations will be issued one week before the event and the pre-sale of the phones will start on September 17th. Also, the first iPhone 13 phones will be launched on the 2nd of October.

Meanwhile, another image has been revealed that shows the packaging of the iPhone 13. Although this image was shared from unofficial sources, it could indicate the imminent release of the iPhone 13 series. Praser also states that all models in the series will be available for pre-order immediately.

IPhone 13

Apple’s next iPhones will come with significant changes from the previous generation, and the Cupertinos will pay special attention to their camera. According to reports and rumors, the dimensions of the camera module of these products are significantly increased, all of them are equipped with “shift sensor” image stabilization, and also support ProRes and portrait modes for shooting videos.

Other possible features of the iPhone 13 series phones include reducing the screen notch, increasing the battery capacity, as well as refreshing the 120Hz display of the Pro models.

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