A new study reports that Android phones are being spied on by users

پژوهشی جدید از جاسوسی گوشی‌های اندرویدی از کاربران خبر می‌دهد

Countless people around the world use Android phones, and for many of them, the question has arisen as to how safe these products are, but in fact, regardless of this, we all use our phones daily or every hour. Now a new study claims that Android phones are not very reliable and spy on users.

this research Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Trinity College Dublin in Ireland examine Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Reelmi Android phones with LineageOS-based devices and secure open source e / OS have given.

The study shows that even if the phone is idle, customized versions of Android send significant information to the operating system developer, as well as third-party companies such as Google and Microsoft, whose apps are pre-installed on the device.

According to this study, while most of the concerns are about certain programs, special attention should be paid to the operating system itself. This is because the study showed that devices send several gigabytes of data to other companies, even when idle.

According to researchers, all companies compile a list of applications installed on the phone, which can jeopardize the privacy of users because, for example, they know their interests. There seems to be no way to prevent such a thing.

In particular, this study shows that Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Riley phones collect user data, device configuration, and user login (telemetry).

Xiaomi devices seem to be sending application usage to the company. In addition, the timing and duration of video calls are at risk. On the Huawei keyboard, on the other hand, Swiftkey provides all the information about its use to Microsoft.

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Samsung, Xiaomi, Riley, and Google collect device IDs, such as hardware serial numbers and user-reprogrammable ad IDs. The serial number is a unique number to identify the device and is different for each device.

According to this research, users can use the e / OS operating system to prevent data collection. This version of Android is based on a module that allows you to use Google services without sending personal information. This version blocks access to personal data for Google and third-party apps or services.

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