A request was made in parliament to create a “quasi-satra” to oversee film production

درخواست ایجاد یک «شبه ساترا» برای نظارت در تولیدات سینمایی در مجلس مطرح شد

The deputy chairman of the parliament’s cultural commission criticized what was formed at the end of the Fajr Film Festival, saying that it was necessary to launch an efficient and effective system in the field of cinema in which everything from the script to the screening of films is recorded.

«غلامرضا منتظری“The importance of this issue is that, if there are any issues that are against the law, it can be easily stopped,” he said, noting that it is necessary to set up a system to monitor the quality of movies.

Montazeri, criticizing the lack of supervision over the filmmaking process in the country and referring to what was in the 40th festival Fajr Film Explaining the meeting of the commission on the first Sunday of March of this year, he said: “This is an extraordinary meeting of the commission in order to analyze the performance of the 40th festival. Fajr Film “And the margins were created in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the head of the country’s cinema organization.”

The representative of the people of Gorgan and Aq Qala in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, emphasizing that in this meeting it was decided to take some serious measures for the flourishing of the country’s cinema industry, said: It will be unveiled and in the next step, launching an efficient and effective system in the field the cinema “It is important to record from the script to the screening of the films.”

Will a system like Satra reach the cinema?

According to him, in this system, if there are any illegal issues, it can be easily stopped.

Systems for controlling and monitoring audio and video content have already been set up. Satra is a system that monitors the content, audio and video published on the Internet, and it seems that the chairman of the parliament’s cultural commission wants such an approach to be implemented in film productions.

Satra is currently one of the ways to control and monitor products produced on the home network, and its performance has been accompanied by criticism from audio and video content producers on these audio and video content distribution platforms.

Previously in some cases we were the king of some products Home Network After the end of the production and spending stages, they were subjected to widespread censorship by this system, and finally the broadcasting of audio and video content was stopped.

This is the comment of the boss Parliamentary Cultural Commission But since it refers to the system monitoring all stages of production from script to production, it may stop the project completely before the production process.

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