A Samsung mobile phone caught fire, causing the Alaska Airlines plane to be evacuated immediately

آتش گرفتن موبایل سامسونگ باعث تخلیه فوری هواپیمای خطوط آلاسکا شد

Passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle were forced to leave the plane minutes after landing due to the fire of a smartphone said to be Samsung Galaxy A21.

Fortunately, the accident happened minutes after the plane landed at the airport due to the severity of the fire on the flight crew They had to Discharge passengers from the plane in an emergency. Eyewitnesses do not describe the incident as a normal, minor fire, and say the intensity of the smoke completely filled the cabin.

A spokesman for Alaska Airlines confirmed the fire in the cockpit of the plane, saying that it was not possible to identify the model of the device due to the complete burn of the mobile phone, but one of the passengers confirmed that the fire was Samsung Galaxy A21‌. However, this issue cannot be identified from the burnt remains of the phone.

Apparently, during the fire of the mobile phone, heavy smoke filled the cabin space of the plane to the point that the passengers were suffering from severe stress. The flight crew also used fire extinguishers to contain the fire. The passengers were evacuated from the cabin due to heavy smoke from the fire, and two of them were treated at a local hospital.

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One of the passengers of the flight confirmed on Twitter that the cabin space was so full of smoke that many passengers were terrified.

A spokesman for Alaska Airlines also confirmed that the passengers on the flight were taken to the terminal by bus after the plane was unloaded. Samsung has not yet commented on the news, but the incident is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 7. It remains to be seen how the Koreans will react to the news.

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