A simple mistake that cost Ford $ 3 million

اشتباه ساده‌ای که سه میلیون دلار هزینه به فورد تحمیل کرد

A simple mistake by the Ford branch in Australia has cost the company dearly, costing it about $ 3 million. This simple mistake has to do with the Mustang Mac 1 model and the level of equipment and features listed in the brochure.

Features such as adaptive cruise control, doorway lighting, special footrests, rear parking sensors and, most importantly, Thorsen limited slip differential, according to the Australian Drive magazine.

The models delivered to the customers do not have the mentioned cases and the Ford branch in Australia has been forced to apologize to them.

In order to satisfy its customers, Ford has decided to provide special services for them. These services include free course services for 3 years as well as a special conference on the track. The additional services are estimated to cost around A $ 5,400 (approximately US $ 4,000) per car.

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Taking into account other incidental costs and the fact that 700 units of the Mustang Mac 1 were sold in Australia, it should be said that Ford of Australia will incur a total cost of about 4.5 million Australian dollars. This figure is equivalent to US $ 3.2 million at the current exchange rate.

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In addition to the cost, the Australian Competition and Customer Commission has imposed a fine of $ 53,280 (US $ 38,240) on the Ford branch in Australia. This fine was issued because the Mustang Mac 1 has reached customers with four different brochures!

In comparison, it is interesting to know that a sentence has been included in the catalog of cars sold in the Iranian market, which is responsible for the possible non-compliance of the specifications listed in the catalog and the cars delivered to customers for the rigid seller company.

It goes without saying that the Mustang Mac 1 gets its power from the 5-liter V8 engine. The engine has 480 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque, and its power output is directed to the wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox or a 10-speed automatic.

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