A Swedish-Italian company builds dual-purpose floating wind turbines

یک شرکت سوئدی-ایتالیایی توربین‌های بادی شناور با طراحی دوگانه و نوین می‌سازد

Swedish company Hexicon, in a half-hearted partnership with Italian company Avapa Energy, wants to build wind farms off the coast of Italy. The turbines of these power plants are supposed to be a kind of floating platform with sloping towers and have a dual design.

The two companies have a joint venture called AvenHexicon Have created And now they are looking for suitable places to build wind farms. Hexicon sells its technology license through this joint venture. “An important part of our business model is entering early and promising markets early and, of course, working with local partners,” said Marcus Tour, CEO of Hexicon.

“Floating wind farms with their advanced technology will play an important role in Italy’s energy transformation process, and we are pleased to be working with Hexicon to build floating power plants in the waters of this country,” said Alberto Dalla Rosa of Avapa Energy.

Hexicon is thinking of developing more and more

Italy does not have any active offshore power plants at the moment, but the Wind Energy Association has announced that by 2040, 5 gigawatts of grid energy must be supplied through these suspended power plants. Italy reportedly has 55 offshore wind farms, but none of them are operational and have not reached the point where they can be connected to turbines and generate electricity.

The European Commission said earlier in June that Italy had allocated 37% of its total spending to measures in support of climate change goals. The company is one of the main members of the so-called “Green Pact” of the European Union, and therefore has started changes at the regulatory level to create the conditions for the operation of offshore power plants.

Hexicon was founded in 2009 and has been involved in the development of various projects, including the largest floating wind farm in South Korea. The company believes that floating wind farms will play an important role in overcoming fossil fuels and moving towards renewable energy.

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