A voice assistant can help improve the relative speech of people with Parkinson’s

دستیار صوتی می‌تواند به بهبود نسبی گفتار در افراد مبتلا به پارکینسون کمک کند

Speech disorders are a major symptom of many degenerative neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s. New research by Australian and Irish researchers shows that voice assistant technology could have a positive effect on helping to improve the initial speech symptoms of such patients, including those with Parkinson’s.

The study included 290 people with Parkinson’s disease in the UK, 79% of whom showed signs of significant speech impairment. Ninety percent of these people used voice-assisted tools at home, and 71 percent said they used a voice assistant regularly. Also, 31% of patients meet their disease-related needs through these tools.

166 participants in the study (about 55%) admitted that they rarely need to repeat themselves when using voice assistants. Twenty-five percent also believe that they have been able to reduce the repetition of sentences by using smart audio tools, and 15 percent believe that they speak more clearly than before. Voice assistants encourage users to speak slowly and clearly, and this may help people with Parkinson’s disease recover.

Voice assistants and their tools are widely used in the daily lives of many people and have great potential for a variety of uses, including health care. Although researchers They acknowledge More research is needed to prove the role of such technologies in improving the condition of patients, but the initial results seem very optimistic.


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