Ability to view web pages without opening the link came to Chrome Android

Ability to view web pages without opening the link came to Chrome Android

Chrome browser on Android phones allows users to preview a page before it fully opens. This feature is enabled in version 89 of Chrome Android through server-side updates.

Recently, an option called “Preview page” in the Android Chrome browser menu Added Which appears to users by pressing a link for a few seconds. This feature is displayed after right-clicking on the link between the “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy link address” options, and clicking on it will provide a preview of the page. Puts users.

Selecting this feature will open a new page for users, the top bar of which includes the website icon, page name, domain and a button to open the link in another window. The preview screen will close using the cross button on the top right or swiping down.

This feature has many uses for users and can be very useful in several ways. In fact, using it, you can easily view the contents of a website page and get the expected final content as soon as possible.

The new page preview feature has recently been made available to Android users through the Chrome 89 update. Google has been working on this feature for over two years, and now, for the first time, it has made such a useful feature available to its users.

It was previously announced that the Chrome 89 update would provide users with a wealth of capabilities, including desktop web data sharing, Privacy Sandbox technology, and feed discovery and redesign. This feature was previously offered in the iOS version of .Ad and Safari browsers.

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