Adding mushrooms to meals solves the problem of nutrient deficiency

Adding mushrooms to meals solves the problem of nutrient deficiency

Add mushrooms to your daily diet and take a positive step towards weight loss and fitness while getting the nutrients your body needs. Mushrooms, despite having very useful vitamins, are free of fat, carbohydrates and extra calories. This is why mushrooms have been able to claim the title of king of the group of vegetables and fruits in the food pyramid.

Mushrooms are often overlooked when it comes to nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin D and fiber. By adding a serving of mushrooms to your diet, you can get rid of vitamin D and fiber deficiencies forever.

Surveys conducted by the National Center for Health and Nutrition (NHANES) between 2011 and 2016 it shows Adding mushrooms to meals not only prevents the deficiency of vitamins such as phosphorus, potassium, copper, fiber, riboflavin, niacin, choline, zinc and selenium, does not harm the body and, like some foods, does not contain sodium, fat, carbohydrates. And high in calories. As a result, it does not lead to overweight.

Researchers have found that eating mushrooms that grow in the ultraviolet light provide the body with a daily dose of 5 mg of vitamin D.

On the other hand, when mushrooms are added to a regular diet, they add important nutrients to it. Recent studies show that adding an 84-gram serving of mushrooms, equivalent to five medium-sized mushrooms, provides many nutrients, including potassium, B vitamins, and many minerals.

One 84-gram serving of mushrooms leads to an increase in intake of 8 to 12 percent potassium, 16 to 26 percent copper, 11 to 23 percent selenium, 12 percent riboflavin, 11 to 26 percent niacin, 8 to 11 percent vitamin D, and 10 to 16 percent choline. It becomes. 9 to 18 year olds are in dire need of these vitamins, and even older people need to add mushrooms to their meals.

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