Adjustment of large force in Ramzarz exchange offices with the fall of the market; From Kevin Bass to Gemini

تعدیل نیروی گسترده در صرافی‌های رمزارز با سقوط بازار؛ از کوین بیس تا جمینی

Based on the case file in the Stock Exchange and Securities Commission United StatesA well-known money changer Kevin Base wants 18% of its workforce to approx 1100 employees Can be fired.

Kevin Bess It is not the only company that has faced many problems following the collapse of the crypto market. Last week, Crypto.com CEO announced that 5 percent Adjusts 260 employees. In the meantime, BlockFi has announced that almost 20 Dismisses its workforce.

Other digital currency companies such as Gemini They are also not in a good position with the fall in the price of bitcoin, and they have planned to adjust their workforce. Since the fall of last year, the value of the crypto market has fallen by about 65%.

Kevin Bass Exchange is in a critical situation. About four months ago, the exchange was apparently in such good shape that it raised $ 14 million for advertising Super Bowl Spent that in fact QR code It was colorful that revolved around the screen, directing viewers to a website where they could sign up for $ 15 worth of bitcoins. But now, with the collapse of the cryptocurrency market, the situation of this exchange has changed to the point where it has been forced to adjust its forces.

Brian Armstrong, CEO Kevin Bess In a blog post, he referred to the economic situation created by the market downturn and noted that the exchange had hired too many to be able to position itself better in the market. The exchange was worth $ 382 at the time of its initial public offering and now stands at $ 52.

Kevin Bass is set to post email Inform employees of the status of continued cooperation or adjustment.

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Earthquake in the cryptocurrency market with the fall of bitcoin

Crypto companies with falling bitcoin and other prices Digital currencies They are not in a good situation and they are trying to solve some of the problems with solutions such as downsizing and not hiring new staff.

Over the past two years, with rising prices Bitcoin And other digital currencies, various startups started in the industry. But the situation changed and the market fluctuated sharply. The market, which was able to grow hundreds of billions of dollars overnight, changed.

Even in some cases, due to the unhealthy situation, the possibility of withdrawing capital in some startups has been stopped.

Some market analysts predict that if the trend Sale Continued, the market situation becomes more critical and the shares of companies operating in the field of crypto fall sharply. In such situations, retailers are usually excluded from the market.

CB Insights reviews show more than 62 Startups Digital currencies, now worth about $ 1 billion or more, are in dire economic straits.

Hiring 2000 troops in Bainance

In contrast to these companies, the largest exchange cryptocurrency The world is here that wants to recruit new forces. Bainance says it plans to hire more than 2,000 new employees amid a multibillion-dollar recession in the crypto market. So Bainance is moving in the opposite direction of the market and is optimistic about the future.

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