Administrative Court of Justice: Internet taxis should not charge municipal tolls to their passengers

دیوان عدالت اداری: تاکسی‌های اینترنتی نباید عوارض شهرداری از مسافرانشان بگیرند

The General Assembly of the Court of Administrative Justice annulled the decision to collect tolls from Internet taxis, and announced that according to this decision, the municipality will no longer be allowed to collect tolls from these taxis.

The ruling by the Court of Administrative Justice states that requiring companies providing smart passenger services to pay 2% of the fare received from each trip to the municipality has no legal basis. On the other hand, the municipality does not provide services to companies in return for receiving this amount. Hence, this paragraph of the law is invalidated.

The ruling of the Court of Administrative Justice

“Mohammad Reza Alipour”, the founder of the People’s Platform, which is the first platform for legal claims in Iran, followed up on this issue, tweeted on his personal account that the public demand has been met and said:

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In an interview with Digito, Alipour spoke about the reason for the public outcry over the incident and announced that the platform has been set up to address the public demands of the people through legal solutions and at the lowest cost:

“We are looking for a platform with the public that can pursue public demands and mass complaints of the people in legal ways, and we also believe that a large part of the demands of the people and the problems they face have a legal solution. Sometimes people know that there is a legal solution to every problem, but it is not profitable for them to pursue them. Sometimes, when the other side is the government, no one is willing to pursue their demands.

For example, in the same discussion of receiving municipal tolls, Internet taxis were not willing to accept the risk of facing the municipality because, in their opinion, this issue could have consequences for them, such as imposing restrictions and such problems. “That is why the people of Nama came to this issue to pursue the issue of canceling the collection of tolls from internet taxis at the lowest cost.”


According to Alipour, the people of Nama have been experimenting with following up on the demands of the people from last year to this year, but due to the numerous requests made to them, with the consultation and cooperation of several legal experts, they have seriously entered into this issue. Cancel the discussion of receiving municipal taxes.

As a result, a lawsuit was filed by the Mardom Nama legal team and submitted to the Court of Administrative Justice, which ruled that the court should annul the tolls received from Internet taxis.

“According to the ruling of the Court of Justice, the municipality has been collecting tolls from internet taxis until now, and the Ministry of Interior has not been able to oblige internet taxis to pay these tolls. Now, according to this vote, internet taxis should no longer receive municipal tolls from passengers and pay them to this institution. “Also, if internet taxis cooperate with us, we can return the money taken from people over the years due to tolls and deposit it in their wallets in internet taxis.”

Alipour says that according to the ruling of the Administrative Court of Justice, internet taxis are no longer required to collect municipal tolls from the people. He also said that people have corresponded with Internet taxis to return people’s money and are now waiting for their cooperation to be realized to make this happen.

The amount of municipal tolls with a thumb account and considering more than one million trips with the fleet of Internet taxis in the country and an average of 100 to 150 Tomans of tolls, reaches hundreds of millions of Tomans per day, which should be removed from the trips or No.

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