After 40 years, scientists have finally discovered the secrets of a giant prehistoric egg

دانشمندان پس از 40 سال بالاخره به اسرار یک تخم ماقبل تاریخ غول‌پیکر پی بردند

Four decades ago, scientists discovered the remains of several prehistoric giant eggs in the sand dunes of South Australia, and since then, they have been researching to find out what animal these eggs belonged to. Now a group of researchers have discovered that this very large egg is somehow Ancient creatures It is called “Bullock Bird”.

Centuries ago, Earth was basically the home of a mighty, giant duck (larger than an ordinary human) known as the “Demon Ducks of Doom.” Scientists believe That these 50 thousand year old eggs that 20 times Heavier They are from ordinary eggs, named after the last member of the group Genyornis newtoni Are related.

The egg mentioned in this report can be seen on the left side of the image

This creature is said to be a feathered and herbivorous bird that was about 2 meters tall and weighed 200 kilograms. Also, this creature apparently was not able to fly. “Matthew Collins, one of the researchers and also a professor at the University of Copenhagen, explains in a statement about eggs:

“They can only belong to one of the geniuses. “We have concluded a very long and heated debate about the origin of these eggs.”

Detailed examination of egg DNA for bird species detection

Genyornis newtoni femur is seen on the left

Meanwhile, some researchers believe that these eggs belong to a weaker, bird-like bird called Progura, which weighs only 5 to 6.8 kg. In this regard, Josephine Steeler, the project researcher and assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, explains in a statement:

“Our analysis of egg protein sequences clearly shows that the shells could not have been made of megapods and Progura birds.”

In other words, scientists have carefully analyzed the DNA of the eggs to determine which birds they belong to.

In their research, the researchers pulverized a bunch of proteins in the eggshell with bleach. They then used artificial intelligence to identify genetic codes and compare them to the codes of more than 350 other living species.

Finally, this research could show the time of extinction of this species and even the role of humans in it, because it is said that ancient humans hunted their eggs for food.

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