After a shortage of chips, manufacturers are now facing a shortage of chip-making equipment

پس از کمبود تراشه، حالا تولیدکنندگان با کمبود تجهیزات تراشه سازی مواجه هستند

One of the biggest problems in technology, Semiconductor deficiency It was created for a variety of reasons, including the spread of the corona virus, and affected the market of most companies and products. While this problem has not yet been completely resolved, companies seem to be in trouble Lack of chip making equipment Have encountered.

According to Report from NikkeiSpecialized manufacturers of chip-making tools such as ASML Holding, Lam Research, Material Upload and KLA have warned their customers that they may need to get the important equipment they need to 18 months Wait.

The new dilemma of the technology industry; Lack of chip making equipment

According to the report, the high demand for chip-making tools, which are very difficult and expensive to produce, has led to a shortage of almost everything from engineered plastics to precision lenses, valves, pumps, sensors and more. For example, an EUV lithographic device made by ASML requires more than 100,000 pieces from more than 800 suppliers and costs up to $ 200 million to build.

Not only ASML, but also KLA has been affected by the crisis, and companies have now been waiting more than 20 months to receive some of its products. The largest supplier of chip substrates in the world Unimicron It has also announced that the much-needed equipment will now be delivered in 30 months instead of the estimated 12 to 18 months.

Over the past few years, companies and governments around the world have invested billions of dollars to produce chips to tackle semiconductor shortages and supply chain crises. During this time, the technology industry has struggled to produce semiconductor-dependent products, such as electronics, automobiles, and other tools.

Large companies such as Intel، Samsung and even TSMC They announced plans to accelerate the production of semiconductors. However, as companies are now looking for chip-making equipment, chip-making equipment is also in short supply.

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