All low-end Samsung phones will support 5G in the future

All low-end Samsung phones will support 5G in the future

After the commercialization of the network 5G In 2019, now after 3 years, almost most of the leading operators in providing cellular networks in the world support this communication technology. In this regard, in the last two or three years, the use of 5G has become more available in high-end smartphones, but still, in the latest reports, it seems that Samsung plans to support 5G for all its low-end phones as well. make it available and this means supporting this communication technology in all the phones offered by Samsung in the future.

In the past year, more countries and geographical regions have accepted and implemented 5G network, and with the increasing popularity of its use, major smartphone manufacturers have also started offering this technology in their high-end and mid-range products. In this regard, Samsung also plans to support this technology in all its phones, and according to reports, Samsung apparently plans to implement 5G more easily than 4G LTE.

In this regard, for example, the low-end Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A13 LTE phones can be taken as an example, and although the model of this phone with 5G support is equipped with a faster processor, its screen has a lower resolution than the 4G model and the 5G version It also has fewer rear wheels.

Samsung low-end 5G phone

In this regard, we can take another low-end phone such as the A32 as an example, which Samsung has considered a faster processor for this phone by releasing the 5G version, but instead reduced its camera and screen capabilities compared to 4G.

Samsung is the second largest global company in the production and sale of smartphones in the world, and according to a recent report, after Apple, with 42% of the market, this company has a 18.3% sales share.

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