All of Facebook’s activities since last year have been driven by renewable energy

All of Facebooks activities since last year have been driven All of Facebook's activities since last year have been driven by renewable energy 1

Facebook claims that from 2020 until now, it will carry out all its activities entirely using renewable energy. The company made such a decision in 2018 to deal with climate change and stood by it.

In the last three years, Facebook has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 94%. If it had aimed to reduce the emission of such gases by up to 75%. The company is now one of the largest buyers of renewable energy is considered.

“Evan Griffin, Facebook’s director of renewable energy, said in a press conference:

“We are rapidly and extensively addressing the issue of climate change. “We are currently working with energy suppliers to provide enough renewable energy for our offices and data centers.”

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the release of some greenhouse gases contributes to air pollution and global warming. However, Facebook claims that the applicant’s actions have not only helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but that these efforts will also help protect the environment.

Facebook still intends to continue using renewable energy by 2030, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible for some of its business activities that require hardware production or business trips.

The company also claims to have taken action to support Earth Day with the participation of other companies. Facebook says users of the social network can sign up for some voluntary activities, such as garbage collection or tree planting, through Facebook. The company also has a climate and science information center that will host a virtual event for Earth Day.

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