Alphabet lays off 12,000 employees + 97,000 tech job losses in 2022

Alphabet lays off 12,000 employees + 97,000 tech job losses in 2022

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, recently The news of nearly 12,000 layoffs 1000 employees of this company announced in all departments and he, in addition to a detailed review of Alphabet’s business, admitted that he took full responsibility for this decision and the decisions that led to the dismissal of this number of Google employees.

However, Google is going to support the laid-off employees for a short period of time and the company is offering packages that include at least 16 weeks of salary, their bonus in 2022 and health care support for 6 months. Takes. Sundar Pichai also thanked the company’s personnel for their hard work and contributions.

Google CEO Pichai went on to acknowledge that the news will probably not be easy for those who are about to be laid off, but he said that Alphabet will continue to support those laid off until they find their next job.

Dismissal of Alphabet employee

Working in private technology companies now comes with its own risks, and during the time of Corona, many technology companies increased the number of employees to meet the needs of the market, but as the covid-19 epidemic subsided and its risk decreased, a relative stagnation took place and most companies In recent months, they have had to reduce the number of their employees.

In addition to Alphabet and Microsoft, Amazon, another large American company, recently confirmed that it will lay off nearly 18,000 people, which is an unprecedented number. The tech industry saw more mass layoffs this January than in all of December, with approximately 97,171 people reported to have lost their jobs in the U.S. since the start of 2022, a 649 percent increase over the previous year.

In this regard, Alphabet’s third quarter profit has decreased by nearly 27% compared to the previous year and has reached 13.9 billion dollars. This decrease in profits has led to the company’s decision to reduce the hiring process and in this regard, investors are considering controlling the company’s expenses. After announcing the dismissal of Alphabet employees, the shares of this company recently increased by 1.8%.

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